20 August 2021 Rolling Stone Korea “Dreamcatcher is back with the refreshing BEcause”

Dreamcatcher announced a comeback with the release of their new song <BEcause>. The new summer album, which pleases our eyes and ears with its powerful metal sound and challenging choreography, is on a roll with more than 75,000 initial sales.

Rolling Stone Korea is taking note of the K-pop scene’s real legends, like our group today. Whether it’s reality or a dream or an illusion, we’re here with Dreamcatcher to talk about their music and fans.Rolling Stone Korea has taken note of their surreal success in the K-pop scene. Through a fantastic meeting with them, we further discussed their music and fans.

1 . [Rolling Stone Korea (RSK)] Hello Dreamcatcher, it’s an honour to meet you! Thank you for agreeing to meet with Rolling Stone Korea for this interview. Before we begin, please introduce yourselves to the subscribers of Rolling Stone Korea.

[Gahyeon] Hello^^ I’m red Ariel, Gahyeon.

[JiU] Kiss! Dream of me! Hello. I’m Dreamcatcher’s charismatic rabbit leader, JiU~

[Dami] Hello. I’m Dreamcatcher’s Dami.

[Yoohyeon] Hello! I’m Yoohyeon from Dreamcatcher!

[Handong] Hello~ I’m Dreamcatcher’s Ice Princess, Handong!

[Siyeon] Hello~ I’m Dreamcatcher’s howling vocalist, Singnie~ Nice to meet you!

[SuA] Hello. I’m Dreamcatcher’s SuA.

2. [RSK]  What are the performance highlights of Dreamcatcher’s Title Track <BEcause>?

[Gahyeon] Within our choreography, there is a storyline! I think it’s fun to look for it.

[JiU] In the introduction. When we’re standing in a line and doing the scissors pose, it’s mysterious and eerie, right? 

[Dami] The highlights would be the gestures related to the movie <Us> hidden in the choreography.

[Yoohyeon] In this choreography, there are many puppet-like elements, something that hasn’t been observed in Dreamcatcher’s choreographies previously.

[Handong] The highlight would be the refreshing summer atmosphere and the doppelganger concept in the choreography that only Dreamcatcher can pull off. 

[Siyeon] The choreography of the chorus which incorporates the Chinese character ‘悲’ (sad). 

[SuA] The highlight would be our members’ doll-like expressions!

3. [RSK]  In this mini album, [Summer Holiday], JiU was involved with the composing and songwriting for <Alldaylong> and <A Heart of Sunflower>. In particular, <Alldaylong> allows us to see a new side of Dreamcatcher with its city pop vibe. Did you have any particular influence or inspiration when working on this song?

[JiU] There was a time when I was feeling down. That day, Yoohyeon said, “Unnie, you’re not feeling well? When we’re not feeling well, we should hug each other”, and then she hugged me from behind. I was comforted (because of her). That’s when the lyrics popped into my head and how Yoohyeon’s part in the second verse of <Alldaylong> was drafted!

4. [RSK]  <BEcause> is a song that expresses a person’s obsession and longing for love. Because of the pandemic, there have been many restrictions. Is there anything that Dreamcatcher is longing to do because of the current situation?

[Gahyeon] Going abroad comfortably and meeting fans without the need to worry about the virus.

[JiU] Performing… I really want to hear Somnias’ cheers while performing. 

[Dami] The sound of our fans cheering us on. It gives us energy but it’s a pity that we weren’t able to hear it this time around.

[Yoohyeon] I have an obsession with seeing people in person… not exactly (laughs) but that’s what I wish for! I hope the situation gets better soon so that we can show our amazing performances to everyone.

[Handong] Because of the current situation, we can’t see our fans… I really want to see them…

[Siyeon] Touring! I really miss the feelings that can only be experienced during those moments.

[SuA] I wish to be able to receive love and cheers directly from our fans. I want to talk with many of them as soon as possible.

5. [RSK]  You are the only Korean singers to be invited to ‘Primavera Sound’ in 2022. How are you preparing for the festival? Can you give us any spoilers?

[Gahyeon] I’m practicing the language to be closer to the fans. 

[JiU] Since it’s a big stage, we’re working on our charisma to embrace the audience. (laughs)

[Dami] Since it is a performance abroad, I think the members are working on their language skills! 

[유현] (in Spanish) Hello! We are Dreamcatcher! We can’t wait to see everyone! See you soon! We love you very much! 

[Handong] First of all, it’s such an honour. Also, I’m learning Spanish to get closer to Spanish fans.

[Siyeon] We’re preparing songs that can show off Dreamcatcher’s unique colours, so please look forward to it! We’ll give you a great performance![SuA] We’re meticulously discussing and preparing to make the performances look better! I’ll give you a spoiler once we have a more definitive outline. (laughs)

6. [RSK]  Along with the solid concept, you are also known for your live performances. Can we look forward to solo albums or solo songs (like Siyeon’s  <Paradise>)?

[Gahyeon] Definitely! All the members are working hard, we’ll show it to you one day.

[JiU] Yes! Our members’ solo performing skills are superb! 

[Dami] All of our members have strong personalities and skills, so we can cover solo songs well. I think we can show off our different charms. 

[Yoohyeon] Yes! Adding on to that, you can also view our song covers on Dreamcatcher’s YouTube channel, so please look forward to it!

[Handong] If there is a chance later on, we would like to release a self-written or solo song one by one!

[Siyeon] Definitely! The seven of us are all equipped with outstanding skills, so you can look forward to it.

[SuA] Of course! All the members are very skilled, so please look forward to the day we release our solos! 

7. [RSK]  For about a year, you had promotions without Handong. How did you feel when you performed <BOCA> and <Scream> as a group of 7? 

[Gahyeon] I was touched, even more so because Dong unnie worked so hard. It felt so much better to be standing on stage together! 

[JiU] It was amazing. When there were only 6 of us, it felt quite empty… With 7 of us together, it felt more solid and reassuring. 

[Dami] Even though we haven’t seen her for a long time, it still felt familiar like nothing has changed. Of course, we were glad to see her.

[Yoohyeon] It felt like we found a missing piece that we’ve lost! As expected, when 7 of us are together, there’s no emptiness and it feels perfect. Don’t go away!

[Handong] It’s amazing. I was away for a year, but we got along well as if I had never left. 

[Siyeon] I was sad that Dongie wasn’t there with us, when we stood on stage as a whole group, it felt like the puzzle had finally been put together. 

[SuA] We were without Handong for a long time, but there was no awkwardness between us and we’re happy as always.

8. [RSK]  When you watch Dreamcatcher’s videos, you can see the great chemistry between the members. What is the key to this chemistry? 

[Gahyeon] The key… I think it’s because everyone is nice and considerate of each other. We talk a lot and understand each other well.

[JiU] For starters, I think everyone has a good personality. Also we’re chill. In addition, we’ve been through tough times together, making me realise that we’re the only ones who know how to console each other. 

[Dami] We connect well through the respect for each other and our unity as a group, isn’t that it?

[Yoohyeon] Teamwork and open minds!

[Handong] We’re considerate of each other and fit well together. As time passes, I don’t think our chemistry will ever become bad. 

[Siyeon] Not keeping secrets from each other? We can understand and treat each other as we are. I think many people can see that.

[SuA] It’s evident that we get along well together and that we’re happy wherever we go. Does that count as a key? Our members are the best!

9. [RSK] When listening to <Airplane>, Dreamcatcher’s longing to meet Somnias is evident. When flights become more available, where’s the first place you’d like to go?

[Gahyeon] Anywhere is good for me!

[JiU] Wherever Somnias are! I miss you, my loves!

[Dami] Anywhere is good. If you call me, I’ll be right there! 

[Yoohyeon] Nahhh~~~ I want to see everyone ASAP! Countries far away, countries nearby, even domestic locations, please wait a little more!

[Handong] Home…. ㅠㅠ

[Siyeon] I want to fly to wherever InSomnias are. I miss you~

[SuA] I can’t decide on one place, I want to go wherever Somnias are. 

10. [RSK]

Thank you so much for doing this long interview with Rolling Stone Korea. During the time spent together, we got to know more about Dreamcatcher. Rolling Stone Korea will anticipate and cheer for Dreamcatcher’s awesome promotions. Thank you!

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