Over the Sky Dreamcatcher Fancafe Event (Handong)


I am Dreamcatcher’s Handongdorongdongdong.


To commemorate Dreamcatcher’s 2nd Anniversary fan song special single [Over the Sky]! There will be a ‘Draw Handong’s Caricature’ event.

Please confirm the official details below and I hope that you can participate a lot.😍😍😍



[Handong’s Caricature Drawing Event]

韩东 画像 创作


– Participation Period –



2019.01.23 (Wed) Now ~ 2019.01.28 (Mon) Until 11:59PM KST


– Participation Method –




① Choose a Handong picture from the official fancafe or from pictures uploaded on the official SNS (twitter, instagram etc)!

② On a piece of paper, please draw Handong ★As cute as possible★(可爱一点 苹果肌小一点🤪 trans: Cutely, with smaller cheekbones🤪)

(Illustrator, Photoshop can be used)

③ Please include your fancafe nickname underneath your drawing!

④ After taking a photo of your drawing (with your fancafe nickname) or after scanning, post your picture under [한동 캐리커처] , a category under the ‘이벤트’(event) section, 

including your message to Handong. Upload it as a secret message and you are done!


* One entry will only be allowed for each person.

* Posts that do not adhere to the rules will be disqualified for the event.



– Winner Selection –


Dreamcatcher Handong will be personally choosing! Hehehe, anticipating 

– Prize – 


10 ‘Over the Sky’ autographed albums (not for sale)



Please participate a lot!



 Thank you

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