Jan 26th 2021: [DA:Today] Dreamcatcher Comes Back With New Track ‘Odd Eye’

Dreamcatcher’s new world opens its eyes. Dreamcatcher will release their 6th mini album ‘Dystopia: Road to Utopia’ on 6PM of the 26th and begin their comeback promotions.

‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’ is a release that contains Dreamcatcher’s journey as they dream of a Utopia. Notably, they expand their previous world of ‘Dystopia’, portraying the tragic duplicity of the ‘Utopia’ as seen through Dreamcatcher’s eyes.

The diverse tracks, including the lead track ‘Odd Eye’, ‘Intro’, ‘Wind Blows’, ‘Poison Love’, ‘4 Memory’, and ‘New Days’, adorn ‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’.

‘Odd Eye’ is a Nu Metal track that incorporates intense Rock sounds and Hip Hop elements. Along with the deep, strong will to advance once more towards a true Utopia, the track conveys the album’s story in a rich way.

Particularly, Dreamcatcher is said to have created a sound with a new charm with ‘Odd Eye’. They utilized low piano notes and spacious backing vocals to portray a holy atmosphere. In the chorus, they used overlapping vocal melodies and distortion guitars to make the song a more enjoyable listening experience.

Another point of note is that Dreamcatcher’s dream team of producers worked their magic once more. LEEZ and Ollounder, who have built Dreamcatcher’s world with them since the team’s debut, are once again in the producer’s chair. Dami and JiU’s names are to be found in the lyrics and composing credits of the B-side tracks, adding to the musical sincerity of the album.

Dreamcatcher’s new mini album ‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia and its lead track ‘Odd Eye’ will be released at 6PM of the 26th on all online streaming platforms.

Source Donga dotcom reporter Jung Hee-yeon (shine2562@donga.com)
Translation by 7-Dreamers Hojoon
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