Fancafe: [Siyeon] Everyone, Do You Know What I Brought?

Everyone hi! Is everyone having a good day too? I am doing very well recently!!
Recently I have been thinking about a lot of memories keke The 1st anniversary fanmeeting and ISAC etc..
Every moment I’m making memories with you all
Let’s make a lot a lot more★

Yes, so let’s talk about the title, I brought something very special kekeke
During the fanmeeting, I made a promise to Jo Seung Hee senior and everyone^^**
Now now I will show you my childhood, big with round eyes, hooray~~~~~~~~~~~~!
Before opening my eyes, I let go of the picture to protect myself
Approved?? Yes yes

I have revealed it
Please do not be surprised

I’m the baby who rides a white horse.
Please keep this. >_<
Then, bye.

KOR-ENG Translation: 7 Dreamers
Please give credit accordingly if re-translating or re-posting.

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