Dreamcatcher to hold concert in Korea on 11 March through Interpark’s new ‘Mission Stage’

The ‘Mission Stage’, which will launch on the 29th January, is a crowdfunding project by Interpark Global where concerts are held when an artist’s concert ticket sales reach a target number. It is mainly designed for artists who are new to independent concerts, Indies and those who are from small-medium companies.

The first featured idol of the ‘Mission Stage’ is the newly debuted 7-member girl group Dreamcatcher. They debuted with a nightmare concept and a music genre that is distinctly different from that of existing girl groups.

If more than 1,000 tickets are sold during the advance ticket sale period from 29th January to 8 February, a stand-alone concert will be held on the 11th March at the Blue Square Grand Hall in Hannam-dong in Seoul. The concert will be cancelled if there are less than 1,000 tickets purchased, and all buyers will receive a full refund.

When purchasing ‘Mission Stage’ concert tickets, you can purchase a ticket that usually priced at 88,000 won (~USD 83) at a discounted price of 77,000 won (~USD 73), and you are able to get a better seating during the seat allocation period from 14th to 20th February. In addition, a variety of rewards will be awarded depending on the cumulative sales volume. At the point of 1,200 tickets sold, additional photocards will be given out, and posters will be awarded at the point of 1,400 tickets sold. When 1,600 tickets are sold, a handshake session will be held with the Dreamcatcher members.

14 lucky members who bought tickets before the 1,200 tickets sold mark will be able to attend a special “Meet & Greet” session. Winners will be able to meet Dreamcatcher members on the day of the concert and have a special time together, such as taking a group photo together.

For more information on how to participate and purchase tickets, please visit the Interpark Ticket Promotion page: https://goo.gl/Q6FMo8 (opens 29th January).

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