Dreamcatcher’s “No More” sends a message to those trying to live authentically on social media

The 7 member Korean girl group Dreamcatcher is releasing their first Japanese song in 8 months.  The digital single, No More, is released on November 10th and talks about a girl fighting to live her life authentically in this modern age of social media.  The music video also includes that message.

Through the grace of social media, our daily life has moved toward us writing and reading more words than ever before.  The ease with which we can spread our words just raises the chances of them being used to hurt others.

Dreamcatcher starts off singing “Barking madly in a small world, stray dogs. Always in packs, you cowardly losers”.  It inspires the listener to do more than just look at the past and to stop the voices of slander they hear.

Dreamcatcher have always created powerful and strong sounds and shown them off with their knife-like performances.  This time, with No More, they are expressing the figure of a girl living in today’s rough world through the heavy sounding song.  The heavy song is also very catchy.


This music video is entirely animation.  The figure of a girl living in the age of social media is drawn as a dignified warrior.  The music video is organized like a simple lyric video so the message is conveyed strongly when paired with the strong singing voices of Dreamcatcher.

When the teaser was uploaded to YouTube, there were a lot of English comments praising the combination of the animation and the girls voices.  Lots of fans all around the world seem to have been waiting for this release.  Despite being in Japanese, No More seems like a release that will send its message throughout the whole world.

Also in the Korean entertainment world, there are lots of sad news due to slanderous comments online.  While the use of social media makes it easy to connect with celebrities but it is also easier to spread hate and slanderous comments like that.

It is easy to become a hero by accident, but just as like to become a villain.  The ability to hurt others with our words and not feel the whole weight of it seems to be increasing.  This isn’t just a fear that Korea and Japan have, the whole world that lives with social media is living under this shadow.  Dreamcatcher are singing this song to encourage people to keep fighting this, even if they can’t see their enemy.

“No More No More Mute that twisted emotion silent night” “No way no way don’t get in my way no more” it isn’t even worth looking at people who use such thoughtless language.  It may be possible to provide comfort to someone who is troubled with this attitude.

When you use your voice, you must never forget the impact it may have on others.  When you are the victim of pointed words, remember that there is always a warm person who will protect you from that arrow.  Listen to this song and feel the hope that there is someone like-minded fighting along with you.  Because we are also living in this social media world, we know our words can pierce the hearts of many along with “No More”.

Translation by 7-Dreamers Janjan
Please do not take translation without credit 

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