02 Feb 2020 “Dreamcatcher, new ‘Mystery Code’ released… coming back to a new story” 

Dreamcatcher, new ‘Mystery Code’ released… coming back to a new story

Dreamcatcher is ushering in a comeback as they release a new “Mystery Code”.


Dreamcatcher Company published the photo “Mystery Code” through offical SNS on the 1st at 6:00pm. In the picture, there is mask of doubt and a listed alphabet to stir the fan’s curiosity.


Ever since Dreamcatched previously debuted through ‘Chase Me’, during every comeback, “mystery code” hints are formally presented for singles and albums. Dreamcatcher’s comeback is depending on the release of the “mystery code”.


Particularly in the case of this comeback, after the conclusion of the “Nightmare” story, heavy interest is gathering as Dreamcatcher’s new story is told by being laid out.


As Dreamcatcher Company said in connection to this “This time during the ‘Mystery Code’ there are particularly prepared presents for ‘Insomnias’ that have wished for Dreamcatcher’s comeback”, they conveyed “Please look forward to Dreamcatcher’s newly debuting stories”.


As Dreamcatcher’s main vocalist Siyeon released her solo single ‘Paradise’ last month on the 29th, the warmup towards the comeback began. Siyeon’s ‘Paradise’ ranked 2nd on the American ITunes KPOP Song Chart, following BTS’s Black Swan, and attracted attention.



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