03 Feb 2020 Hominis Interview “We hope to spend a lovely Spring with everyone”



The 7 member girl group DREAMCATCHER known for their heavy rock sound performances throughout the world will be on “LOVE LOVE K-POP! POWER”. 

This program introduces one KPOP group and honestly discusses what makes the group tick, their music, their performances, and advertises their Japan activities. DREAMCATCHER will appear and discuss their activities from their Korean debut until their Japanese promotions. They’ll look back on their World Tour and discuss their current activities and dreams. 

The program interviews 6 members of the group: Jiu, Sua. Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon. They were asked about their thoughts about their latest recording and what they’re looking forward to in Japan.



 What did you think about the recording? 

Gahyeon: This was my first time shooting for so long in Japan, so it feels a little strange (laugh) 

SuA: (During the talk portion of the recording) there were a lot of questions that we’ve been asked before, but this time there were a ton of new questions too, so I enjoyed myself until the very end! It makes me want to appear on a comedy program in Japan!! 


What is DREAMCATCHER’s charm as a group? 

Yoohyeon: I think our charm is that when we’re on stage you can see 1 story being told. 

Dami: Also, apart from being very powerful on stage, once we’re off stage we’re all very cheerful and friendly and I think that large gap is one of our greatest charms. 



What is the highlight of your 3rd Japanese single “Endless Night”? 

Siyeon: We finished our first act with our previous album “The Beginning Of The End”. So, with our 3rd single we’ll be opening with our 2nd act. So we were really able to show a totally different side to ourselves. 

JiU: The lyric content includes the positive message that, “Even if you crash into a big wall, you will certainly be able to breakthrough”. So I hope that when people listen to these lyrics that they are able to get strength from them.




What is an impressive event you’ve had in Japan and what is something you look forward to when you come to Japan? 

SuA: This time when we came to Japan we had a challenge game at our Japanese fanmeeting and that left a huge impression on me. I was like, “Isn’t this game too hard!?” (laughs) 

Gahyeon: I always look forward to meeting our Japanese fans when we come to Japan. Also, sukiyaki! (laughs) 

Yoohyeon: I look forward to “Ichiran” ramen. Each time I go I add a new topping one by one. 

Siyeon: Every time we’ve come to Japan the weather has been great and then it puts me in a great mood too. 

JiU: There’s so many yummy things in Japan. The bento and snacks are tasty, so I’m always anticipating food when I come here. 

Dami: For me it’s the hotel rooms! We don’t use hotels when we’re in Korea, so whenever we come to Japan I’m like, “What’s my hotel room gonna be like this time?” 



Lastly, please tell us about your view of your Japanese activities as a group! 

JiU: To start this year we are preparing for the release of our 3rd single in March. We’re working very hard so that we can spend a lovely spring with you guys, so please look forward to it. And, we hope that we can have a happy time together with you all!




Broadcast date & time: Sunday February 23, 2020 at 19:00~

Channel: Music Japan TV

Broadcast date & Time: Tuesday February 25, 2020 20:00~

Channel: BS SKY PerfecTV!

*Broadcast schedules are subject to change.



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