17 Dec 2019 Dreamcatcher to participate on ‘Wedding Concert’


▲ Producer Addnine, who is set to marry a woman of professional career.|photo courtesy of MajorSeven Company

Music producer Addnine is getting married.

Addnine will get married to a woman of a professional career that he’s been in a relationship with for 2 years on January 4th next year at a wedding hall in Gangnam, Seoul.

The couple plans to break from conventions and hold a ‘Wedding Concert’ as their ceremony. Pastor Moon Joon-hyeong of Seoul Oryun church will be officiating providing wellwishes, and Comedienne Cho Seung-hee will preside as artists related to Addnine perform.

Vocalist The Brick of MajorSeven Company, which is lead by Addnine will be the opening act. The ‘sweet vocal group’ Sweet Sorrow, ‘Korean Wave Idol’ Dreamcatcher, ‘Tonality Queen’ Lee Bada, ‘Rising OST powerhouse’ KOHD, ‘Gen 1 Rapper’ MC Hansae, CCM vocalist ‘Anice’ will be elevating the festive mood. 

Addnine has released ‘On Bus 718’, ‘Old Sneakers’, ‘Remembering You’, ‘When the cold wind comes’, which was an OST track for JTBC’s ‘Youth Season 2’, and ‘Turururu(See, I), an OST track for ‘Love What Love’ among other tracks under the name ‘Addnine project’, and has been loved for their unique lyricality.


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