17 Dec 2019 Dreamcatcher delivers nightmare to the US…Passionate 5 City Tour Concert


[Sports Seoul reporter Lee Ji-seok] Group Dreamcatcher shared a meaningful memory with the US InSomnia.

Dreamcatcher successfully finished their 10-day tour of 5 US cities ‘Nightmare City in USA’ between the 6th and the 15th. They toured 5 US cities, including LA, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Jersey City, taking a step closer to the local fans to share time with them.

As its name implies, Dreamcatcher’s ‘Invitation from Nightmare City’ tour provided a chance to see their unique ‘Nightmare story’  on stage in one sitting. From their debut track ‘Chase Me’ from ‘PIRI’, which closed out the ‘Nightmare series’, fans passionately responded to Dreamcatcher’s unique fantasy story.

This wasn’t the only present that Dreamcatcher prepared for US fans. They also put on live performances of their B-side tracks, a rare sight, as well as diverse cover songs and unit performances. They also prepared multiple special events to communicate more actively with the US InSomnia.

We’ve been told that the response from the US fans also went beyond expectations. Especially because this was the first solo concert by Dreamcatcher since their LA fanmeet and K-CON, the passion of the local InSomnia gave strength to the Dreamcatcher members and the staff, allowing them to give it their all to the last show.

The US InSomnia held national flag events for every show as well as State flag events with the flags of the states they performed in, which was moving to the members. An ad commemorating Dreamcatcher’s concert appeared in New York’s Time Square, garnering much attention.

Dreamcatcher Company commented “The fact that we were able to go through the tour concerts despite the relentless scheduling was thanks to the love from the US InSomnia. We sincerely thank the fans for giving us unforgettable chills.” “We hope to be able to make another memory with you, and we’ll do our best until that day.”

Now that Dreamcatcher has wrapped up the 5 city US tour, they’ll return to Korea and begin preparing for a new fantasy story after a short break.

Photos | Provided by Dreamcatcher Company


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