03 Sept 2019 Dreamcatcher releases new ‘mystery code’. . . comeback foreshadowed

Dreamcatcher releases new ‘mystery code’…comeback foreshadowed?

[Sports Seoul reporter Hong Seung-hwan] Dreamcatcher released a new ‘mystery code’.

At 6PM, September 2nd, Dreamcatcher released a photo on their official app and on their SNS account. The photo features a series of mysterious symbols in front of a backdrop reminiscent of a middle age castle, stirring up curiosity.

The unveiling of the mystery code follows the release of their official app, which gave Dreamcatcher a new means of communication with the ‘InSomnia’. As such, the fans are giving it their enthusiastic attention.

This is not the first time Dreamcatcher has released mystery codes. Since their debut with ‘Chase Me’, Dreamcatcher has provided hints about their upcoming singles and albums for every comeback in the form of mystery codes. The diverse interpretation by fans has served to increase the interest in their upcoming concepts.

This time round, the mystery code has been met with special excitement from the fans, as it hints at a new album being surprise released, following their previous mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’, where they concluded the ‘nightmare story’. The attention of fans all over the world is now focused on Dreamcatcher.

“This mystery code is a special gift to the InSomnia who have been wishing for Dreamcatcher’s comeback. Please look forward to the hints hidden in the mystery code”, Dreamcatcher Company commented.

From their debut on January 13th of last year(error in the article) with the single ‘Nightmare’, to their latest release, ‘The End of Nightmare’, Dreamcatcher has drawn the eyes of K-Pop fans globally, sporting fierce metal rock sounds and powerful performances, while presenting a unique ‘nightmare’ fantasy story.

Dreamcatcher has concluded two successful world tours since their debut. Recently, they have toured in Australia, meeting fans there. They are now expecting solo concerts in Malaysia. In addition, they are to go on their second European tour on October, letting them meet fans in 7 European countries.


Photo courtesy of | Dreamcatcher Company

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