05 Sept 2019 ‘Dreamcatcher to make comeback after 7 month hiatus with “experimental and unique form”

Dreamcatcher is set to make a comeback after a 7 month hiatus.

Dreamcatcher company revealed the comeback schedule for the special mini album ‘Raid of Dream’ on its official application and SNS channels. Their comeback comes 7 months after the release of the last mini album,’The End of Nightmare’, which closed out the ‘nightmare storyline’.

According to the schedule, two types of teaser images are to be unveiled on the 5th, 6th, 10th and 11th. On the 9th, it seems that the myster codes, which were met with hot curiosity from the fans, are to be explained.

From the 12th onward, the story telling will swing into full gear. Beginning with a trailer, lyric spoilers, a highlight medley, and a dance preview will be open to InSomnia all over the world. The 17th will see the release of a new music video teaser, and the new album is to be released on the 18th.

“Besides telling the story as usual, Dreamcatcher’s new mini album will be a special gift for fans. It’s a piece that will be experimental and unique in form and content, so please anticipate and pay attention to it,” Dreamcatcher Company requested.

Dreamcatcher debuted on January 13th of last year(error in the article) with the single ‘Nightmare’, and concluded the ‘nightmare’ series with their latest release, ‘The End of Nightmare’. They have drawn the eyes of K-Pop fans globally, sporting fierce metal rock sounds and powerful performances, while presenting a unique ‘nightmare’ fantasy story.

Dreamcatcher has concluded two successful world tours since their debut. Recently, they have toured in Australia, meeting fans there. They are now expecting solo concerts in Malaysia. In addition, they are to go on their second European tour on October, letting them meet fans in 7 European countries.

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