12 March 2020 “Dreamcatcher captivates Japanese fans… Reaches 9th place on Japanese Oricon chart”

Dreamcatcher captivates Japanese fans… Reaches 9th place on Japanese Oricon chart



[SportsSeoul Reporter Kim Sun-woo] The group Dreamcatcher captivated the Japanese InSomnias.


According to Dreamcatcher Company, the group’s new Japanese single ‘Endless Night’, released on the 10th, reached the 9th place on the daily Oricon chart. They were also the only foreign artist within the top 10, again proving their popularity in Japan.

Dreamcatcher’s ties to their Japanese fans is particular. After their Korean debut in 2017, Japan was the first foreign country they promoted in, meeting fans there. The following year, in 2018, they released their formal Japanese debut single and held concerts, continuing to meet fans in Japan.

‘Endless Night’ was composed by the first-rate Japanese guitarist Kuboty. He composed, wrote the lyrics, and arranged the song, creating a unique charm. In addition, Katsuma, the drummer from the hard rock band coldrain, a band known across the world for their skills, worked on the track, helping polish the song.

As first-rate Japanese artists took part in the production, the song is said to exemplify Dreamcatcher’s signature fierce rock sounds and melodies. In particular, Katsuma’s powerful drum sounds and groove made the song that much more energetic.

Adding to this, the lyrics of ‘Endless Night’ tells listeners to get back up and move on, no matter what walls they run into, no matter how many times they fall down. This is not only a message that Dreamcatcher wants to tell themselves but is also their cheering message to fans, and makes the track more meaningful.

Dreamcatcher Company commented “We are deeply thankful towards the Japanese InSomnias who always take a keen interest towards Dreamcatcher’s music. Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company will continue to do our best to return their support in the form of better music and content.”

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher released their first domestic studio album “Dystopia : The Tree of Language” preceding the Japanese single ‘Endless Night’ and promoted actively with the lead track ‘Scream’. Their first studio album was met with much love as it opened the group’s new world.

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