01 July 2019 ‘Scarlet moon, into a dream’ … Dreamcatcher determines official color for ‘InSomnia’


July 1st 2019, 09:23 am

Group Dreamcatcher reached fans with official colors, symbolizing a scarlet moon.

At midnight on July 1st, Dreamcatcher Company posted an image on its official SNS channels along with the words “On the day of the scarlet moon, Dreamcatcher invites you into the dreams”

The image contained three colors that symbolize Dreamcatcher along with the team’s official logo. Dreamcatcher hadn’t set the official colors of the team even while promoting actively. They plan to communicate more closely with the fans through the new image.

In addition to the official colors, another piece of news arrived to the excitement of fans. Dreamcatcher announced the upcoming release of its official app. Curiosity is high as to what kind of content the app will feature.

Dreamcatcher Company stated “Since we ended the ‘Nightmare’ series with PIRI, we are putting a lot of thought and research into what we can provide for the InSomnias. We will return with content that feels worth the wait.”

Dreamcatcher is a 7 member girl group which debuted on January 2017 with the single ‘Nightmare’. They have been getting lots of love from K-pop fans all over the world with their intense metal rock sounds as well as performances which are reminiscent of boy groups. They have gone on two world tours in addition to an Asia tour.


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