23 Jun 2019: King of Masked Singers’ Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon ”Just appearing on the show made me happy”

‘King of Masked Singers’ Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon ”Just appearing on the show made me happy…I want to appear again” [X’s Talk]

@hf_dreamcatcher twitter update: Siyeon after her performance on King of Masked Singer

[X’sports news Park Sohyeon] Group Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon commented on her ‘King of Masked Singers’ appearance.


On the 23rd, SIyeon told Xsports news that ‘Many fans asked me when I was appearing on ‘King of Masked Singers’. I’m happy that I was able to show them this performance.’


On ‘King of Masked Singers’ that aired that day, SIyeon appeared as ‘Coffee and Dough~nut’ and passionately sang Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love of All’. She showed off her considerable vocal prowess, but sadly lost on the first round by 3 votes. She then presented Lena Park’s ‘It’s Sweet’ which she had prepared to perform on round 2.


Siyeon said ‘Of course, I was happy when I heard that I was to appear on the show. But I thought more about how happy the fans would be’. She added that thinking of the fans had helped her practice harder, saying ‘I think that gave me the motivation to practice harder.’


She went on to say that ‘There were so many great participants, so I wasn’t expecting high results.’ She said she was happy, as ‘Just appearing on the show made me happy. It will be a cherished and unforgettable memory.’


Siyeon also thanked the judging panel, saying ‘Thank you to everyone who watched my performance, and said good things to me.’ ‘If I get the chance, I want to stand on the stage of ‘King of Masked Singers’ again,’ she said, revealing her desire to appear on the show again.

She finished off with a resolution, stating that ‘As Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon, I’ll continue to do my best on whatever stage I’m on.’


Dreamcatcher made their debut in 2017 with ‘Nightmare’, and have been drawing attention with their ‘Nightmare’ Series. In May this year, they successfully wrapped up their Japanese concerts, and are currently on break, preparing for their next promotion.


sohyunpark@xportsnews.com /Photo courtesy of Dreamcatcher Company

Original Source: Xports News

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