05 July 2021 News Naver “Dreamcatcher Sua to Show Off Fresh Chemistry with Wendy… Fixed Guest on ‘Young Street'”

Group Dreamcatcher’s Sua is set to continue appearing as the fixed guest on ‘Young Street’.

On the 5th, her agency Dreamcatcher Company announced that “Sua will reach listeners as a fixed guest on SBS Power FM’s ‘Young Street’.

Sua has been making guest appearances on Young Street’s Tuesday corner ‘Just Do It season 2’, bringing energy to the show with her cheerful energy and humor.

Sua displayed great empathy while listening to the various listener’s stories, giving them sincere answers. She also added energy to the broadcast with her timely reactions.

With Sua bringing so much to the show as the fixed guest, she will be giving evening listeners diverse enjoyment showing off a fresh chemistry with Wendy, who joins ‘Young Street’ as the new DJ on the 12th.

‘Young Street’, the show that Sua appears in, can be found on SBS Power FM and the radio application ‘Gorilla’ from 8 to 10 PM every night.

Sua’s group, Dreamcatcher released ‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’ on January, actively promoting the lead track ‘Odd Eye’. They are currently reaching fans with their first single reality show in the 4 years since their debut, ‘Dreamcatcher Mind’.

Source: news.naver

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