31 August 2021 Financial News “Enjoy Korean life culture with K-Pop singers such as B1A4 and MONSTA X”

Reporter: Cho Yong-chul

21021. 08. 31

8:42 PM

[Financial News] The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will be holding the ‘2021 Hallyu Living Culture Festival Mokkoji, South Korea “ from 6 September to 14 November 2021 with the Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency. 

‘Mokkoji Korea’ is a Korean life culture festival held online so that Hallyu lovers around the world can learn and enjoy Korean life cultures such as fashion, play, Korean food, and beauty together.

‘Mokkoji Contest’, a video contest about Korea, ‘Hallyu Living Culture Webzine’ containing the latest information on Korean life and culture, ‘Hallyu Lifestyle Wiki’, an online encyclopedia created by Hallyu lovers, and ‘Online games on Korean Culture’, provides an opportunity for participants to become producers and consumers of Hallyu content. 

This year’s guest countries are Russia, India, and Indonesia. Popular K-Pop singers THE BOYZ, CIX, and Lovelyz will be participating in the Russian week from 6th September to 12th September. Kickstarting the ‘Mokkoji Korea’ in 2021, and introducing Kore’s delivery culture, skin care methods, and Chuseok holidays etc. 

At 6PM KST on 12th September, through ‘Mokkoji Live’, local fans and idols will meet to talk about Korea-Russia living culture and showcase K-Pop performances. 

India week will be held in October, and Indonesia week in November. Locally popular K-Pop singers such as AB6IX, MONSTA X, PENTAGON, ACE, and Dreamcatcher, who are popular in the region, will join.

Source: naver.me
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