03 September 2021 Capricho Interview ‘Dreamcatcher: “Brazil has a special place in our hearts”‘

In an interview with Capricho (CH), the K-pop group told us all about their participation in Primavera Sound 2022, details regarding their album Summer Holiday, and a lot more! 

In 2017, Dreamcatcher appeared with a completely different style and sound than what K-pop artists were producing at the time. Betting on guitar riffs and a darker atmosphere, the group composed of JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon instantly conquered fans all around the world with their debut album, Nightmare.

“Many people told us that whenever they listened to a song that was more frantic or rock, they thought: ‘Oh, that sounds like Dreamcatcher!”, says Dami. “I’m proud whenever I hear something like that because it tells me that we are on the right path. Any kind of positive feedback, care, or love is always appreciated by the group.”

Already 4 years in the (K-pop) scene, the members do not hide their joy from the audience’s positive reaction – even when they invest in such different concepts: “All of the performances we’ve done are very dear to us. Time has gone by since then, but I think that we value our unique style even more now”, reveals Gahyeon. “One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a K-pop artist is that ‘perseverance is the key to success’”, comments JiU.

Promoting their new mini-album, Summer Holiday, check out our talk with the seven members:

CH: You have released several horror story inspired MVs. Beyond the stages and (MV) shootings, are you afraid of this kind of stuff? Do you like movies with monsters and ghost stories?

SUA: Out of the members, Dami and Gahyeon are scared of horror movies. Whenever we get together to watch something scary, they run to their rooms! Besides them, we all usually like this kind of stuff! We’re afraid, of course, but I think we like getting scared like that.

HANDONG: I personally love horror movies, but I usually scream and cover my eyes when I watch them. Out of everyone, I think Siyeon is the one who loves horror movies the most.

YOOHYEON: I haven’t watched them recently (I became a scaredy cat…), but if I am to recommend a movie, then It! It’s a great movie and scary too. There’s no room to be bored during that movie!

CH: And what are your favorite movies?

JIU: My favorite movie ever is About Time. Whenever I watch it, it cheers me up, and I feel much better. I think I have that movie in my heart because it really heals me and cheers me up.

DAMI: For me, it’s the Harry Potter series! I watched it several times, and I used to mimic them when I was a child. I still hold the Harry Potter saga very close to my heart.

GAHYEON: Recently, I’m addicted to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

CH: Despite Dreamcatcher’s essence being a dark one, in the Summer Holiday mini-album you explored other styles, including more cheerful and colorful songs. How was it to work on it?

SUA: I think the process wasn’t that different from how we usually work on our songs, but we tried to incorporate the bright and refreshing elements of summer while keeping the Dreamcatcher essence in Summer Holiday. It was really great throughout the whole recording.

SIYEON: This album’s songs depart a bit from our darker concepts, but I liked the experience. This time, I tried using a softer singing technique for the recording process.

CH: Nevertheless, BEcause’s MV is full of haunted places, including a hotel and an abandoned amusement park. How was shooting that MV? And what’s the message behind the song?

HANDONG: We loved shooting this (music) video! BEcause’s main message is Dreamcatcher’s unique love story. It’s a song that expresses the obsession of winning and reivindicating love. We tried to express these ideas throughout the different scenes in the MV.

CH: Some tracks were co-written by the members, (and) specifically Siyeon, Yoohyeon and JiU (worked on this mini-album). How did it feel to be part of that?

SIYEON: For the albums we released, including title tracks, I have worked in several parts of the choruses. This time I loved to work on those parts and I’m proud of the final result!

YOOHYEON: I participated in the chorus of the mini-album, and being able to hear my own voice harmonizing was really fun and different. I feel like I learned a lot with the recording process. It was really great.

JIU: The process was really fun! I would work on the melody whenever I had time and I worked really hard on it. When the seven of us were recording, I was really touched that everyone portrayed the sound and feeling that I was looking for.

T/N: Siyeon and Yoohyeon often sing chorus for Dreamcatcher’s music, meaning that they sing background vocals/harmonies for the songs during the recording process. Although the interviewer mentioned tracks being co-written by the members, for Summer Holiday, the only one to be credited for songwriting was Jiu.

CH: Over the years, a lot of K-pop artists started to actively participate in the creation and production of their own songs. Do you also wish to participate more and more in the creative process?

DAMI: I think being a part of the creative process is really meaningful. It’s like having your own creation and imagination turn into reality. I would love to participate in that more each time.

CH: And what concept would you like to try in the future?

SUA: In terms of music, I would love to try every musical genre, but I would also like to try a song with an anthem type of sound.

GAHYEON: I think I would love to try an acoustic genre in Dreamcatcher’s style.

CH: You’re confirmed for the Primavera Sound 2022 lineup in Barcelona, Spain. How are you feeling? Are you excited to perform live in one of the biggest music festivals in the world?

HANDONG: When we first heard that Dreamcatcher was going to be on Primavera Sound 2022’s lineup, we got so excited! I’m really honoured and excited for the festival. We’re giving our best to be able to show you this performance. Stay healthy and safe until we get to you!

YOOHYEON: There’s still a lot of time until Primavera, but I’m already nervous and excited! We’re so honored, and we can’t wait to perform in one of the biggest festivals in the world. Please look forward to our performance!

CH: Will we have any news until then?

YOOHYEON: Well… first of all, I hope that you’re excited for our performance in the festival! Above all else, we’re happy that we can meet you in person! I can’t wait! Besides, you can also look forward to hearing our Spanish.

CH: You already came to Brazil and had a tour through various cities. How was it to get to know the Brazilian fandom? Do you miss them?

DAMI: I’ll never forget the love and passion of our Brazilian InSomnias. I really hope to see you again soon so that we can have fun and enjoy the concert together again!

GAHYEON: I really miss you all. The passion that Brazilian InSomnias showed us was quite memorable for me. I really hope that the world recovers soon so that we can go back to Brazil as soon as possible.

CH: Is there a possibility that we could get a new visit from Dreamcatcher in the next year?

SIYEON: Of course! Brazil is really meaningful to us because it was the first country we visited in our first world tour. I would love to visit again in 2022.

CH: And what message would you like to leave for Brazilian fans who are reading this interview?

JIU: I hope to see Brazilian Insomnias again soon. Thank you so much for the infinite love and affection. Stay healthy, and always be happy.

SUA: I really miss you all a lot. Stay healthy and safe until the next time we see each other again. Always remember that we’re together and that we will be happy.

SIYEON: I hope this interview has answered some of the curiosities you had about us, and I hope to see you as soon as things get better. We are always rooting for you!

HANDONG: Brazil has a special place in our hearts because it was the first country we visited in our world tour. The passion and heat! I really miss you! Stay healthy and safe, and we’ll see each other soon.

YOOHYEON: I can’t wait to see you again. I love you! Stay safe until we meet!

DAMI: I want to thank our fans that are supporting us from afar. I’ll sing louder so that my voice can reach Brazil. Stay safe and healthy and see you later!

GAHYEON: InSomnias! I miss you so much. Please keep loving BEcause and always be safe and healthy. We’ll see each other soon!

So, are you excited to meet Dreamcatcher again?

Source: Capricho

Translation by 7-Dreamers ArchRod & Jo
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