27 Jul 2020 MediaSR: August issue of ‘ImpactSTAR” Features Concept Master Dreamcatcher as Cover Model

 The August issue of the Korean style magazine “ImpactSTAR” was released, containing summer stories of many celebrities. The group Dreamcatcher, the original concept masters, was featured on the cover.


“Impact STAR” is a monthly Korean style magazine that covers the fashion, beauty, and life trends of celebrities. The August cover photo shows Dreamcatcher trying out a new concept previously unseen from them.


Unlike the intense appearance they have showcased on stage so far, Dreamcatcher faced the camera donning a mild, romantic look on the day of the photoshoot. “Impact STAR” says that Dreamcatcher brightened the mood of the venue throughout the whole photoshoot and won the admiration of the on-site staff with their skillful posing and facial expressions.


Dreamcatcher is a 7-member group that debuted in 2017 which consists of the Korean members JiU, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon as well as the Chinese member Handong. They have used unique themes such as nightmares and dreams in their world-building and are loved both domestically and internationally for their dark concepts, which sets them apart from pre-existing girl groups. The Chinese member Handong is currently barred from promoting in Korea with the rest of the team due the Covid-19 outbreak.


The photoshoot shows Dreamcatcher trying out diverse concepts under the theme of “Sailor, Dreamcatcher”. First, Dreamcatcher showed off a vivid feeling with colorful costumes. They then depicted a “beautiful dream” that is unique to them with romantic, lovely styling.


After that, they commented on many topics including how they feel about their online concert, how they miss Handong and their future aspirations. Dreamcatcher’s JiU told MediaSR that “we wanted to do a photoshoot and we’re so glad to have done it with ‘Impact STAR.'” “Us members got to record our pretty moments, so it was a meaningful time,” she said, commenting on the photoshoot.


“The cheers and the calls for encores were missed,” said Siyeon as she talked about their recent successful online concert. She then said “Getting to show a performance to our fans in real time felt like coming back to life.”


About Handong, who is unable to join the rest of the group, Sua said “I’m saddened that the time we have to stay apart from Handong grew longer than expected.” “There’s still a spot left for Handong. I only hope that she returns in good health,” she said, demonstrating their strong bond.


On their future aspirations, Dami said “there still are plenty of concepts we have not tried yet. I want to write our own songs, and go on reality TV shows.” Yoohyeon also shared her wish, saying “our goal is to appear on end of year shows or award shows and provide great performances.” Gahyeon was anxious to show off their charms, saying “I hope people recognize how charismatic we are on stage and how bright we are off stage.”


Cover B of the August issue of the Korean style magazine “ImpactSTAR”. Group DREAMCATCHER. Photography. Reporter Koo Hye-jung Interview. Reporter Kim Ye-seul Styling. Editor Han Hye-ri Hair. Eunji, Ji-hye (Azurer) Hair assistant. So-yul (Azurer) Makeup. Hyejin, Go-eun (Azurer) Makeup Assistant, Soo-jung (Azurer)


The August issue of “Impact STAR” contains interviews with Lee Seung-gi and Ryu Yi-ho who play leading roles in the Netflix original reality show “Together”, as well as interviews with Kang Ji-young who successfully returned to Korean dramas, Park Shin-hye and Yoo Ah-in who star in the film “#Alive”, Hong Gyeong, the rising star from ‘Innocent’, as well as Woo!Ah! who are poised to grow into the next generation Korean wave idol.


Other articles include an analysis piece on BlackPink’s styling and album as they make a comeback as a whole team after a long break and a review of the summer lip coloring of many stars. The ‘Like it’ section, which is a monthly deep dive into fashionistas, analyzes the styling of Jeon Ji-woo, who is a member of Kard, the mixed-gender group which gained recognition through the music competition show “Good Girl”.


The magazine is sure to entertain as it also contains the ‘Pick the NEWS’ segment which deals with hot issues of the K-culture industry and other culture-related fields in general through diverse perspectives that range from finance to entertainment, the editors’ reviews of tracks released this month, the world-building of music video directors, as well as cake place news for your favorite members.


You can find monthly analysis pieces on celebrity fashion and beauty trends as well as fashion and beauty trends depicted in media. You can also find news about showcases, concerts, and production presentation events of the month as well as news about new releases.


The magazine also features specials that examine issues in the entertainment industry from diverse viewpoints and heart-to-heart interviews from celebrities.


The August issue of ‘Impact STAR’ is being sold with two covers. Type A features Dreamcatcher in colorful costumes that show off their energetic charm, while type B features Dreamcatcher dressed as romantic goddesses. Both covers will be sold for a limited time as special editions


You can pre-order your copy of the August issue of ‘Impact STAR online through Yes24.


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