25 Jul 2020 xportsnews: Explore the debut songs of girl groups in 2010s [K-POP Focus]

Now that we’re in 2020, let’s take a look at the girl group’s debut songs in the 2010s.


The general rules of this article are as follows.


  1. One team per year + one song
  2. Excluding project groups, unit groups
  3. 100% supervised. However, it is also written referring to quantitative performances.


It is written by the team name → song name → album name → album release date.


Year 2017

DREAMCATCHER “Chase Me” (Nightmare(惡夢) / 2017.01.13)


The most unique team, both visually and musically. And in 2020, they’re still the “only” girl group.


As gathering fandom has become more important, girl groups have become more concerned about building so-called “worldviews,” but not many teams have solidified their own worldviews and made their own colors clearer than Dreamcatcher.


The song is the starting point for building such a worldview. Although the nightmare story that started with “Chase Me” is over, Dreamcatcher’s unique color is still going well.


Based on their own standards, their media showcase is the most fun team among all girl groups.



tvX Lee Jeong-beom (leejb@xportsnews.com)

Translation by 7-Dreamers Adri
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