25 Feb 2020 HANTEO NEWS “Dreamcatcher’s ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ sells 25,000 copies in first week…(Hanteo chart official)” Dreamcatcher’s intense charms strikes again… Shows growth rate of approx. 170%, breaks self-records”


Group Dreamcatcher (Photo=Courtesy of Dreamcatcher Company)

The group Dreamcatcher broke their highest first-week sales numbers with ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’, showcasing their growth once more. 

Hanteo chart, which runs the only real-time music chart in the world, announced on the 25th that Dreamcatcher’s ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ sold 24,942 copies on the first week of its sale. As Dreamcatcher’s ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ was released on the 18th, the first-week sales counted were between February 18th and the 24th. 

According to the daily sales data provided by Hanateo chart, Dreamcatcher’s first studio album ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ sold 3,156 copies on the 18th, the first day of its release, 9,381 copies on the 19th, 3,052 copies on the 20th, 8,178 copies on the 21st, 717 copies on the 22nd, 72 copies on the 23rd and 386 copies on the 24th, the last day to be counted.

‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ first week sales graph provided via the Whosfan app (Photo=courtesy of Hanteo chart) 



The highest first-week sale from Dreamcatcher before this album was set by their 4th mini album “The End of Nightmare”, released on February 18th last year. Then, Dreamcatcher sold 14,798 copies in the first week. They broke this record with the release of ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ one year later, increasing their sales by approximately 10,000 copies. The growth rate is around 170%. 

As they wrap up a successful first week of their promotions, Dreamcatcher continues to charm the InSomnia through various TV appearances including music shows, fansigns and other diverse online content. Thus, interest is high as to what Dreamcatcher will do and achieve after the first-week sales numbers are in. 

More information about music charts and data, including Dreamcatcher’s ‘The End of Nightmare’ album, can be found on the Whosfan mobile app and the Hanteo chart homepage(www.hanteochart.com)


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