May 2019 Haruhana Interview: Welcome to a 7 Member Wonderland!

Welcome to a seven-member Wonderland!

Photo/ Michiko Hasuo Text/ Hiromi Kuboya

When we’re on the road, we listen to music, and sing too. (Laugh)

What I want to do if I had a magical flute is…
Dreamcatcher reached 8th place in the Oricon chart on the release day of their 2nd Japanese single, ‘PIRI ~Fue wo Fuke~-Japanese ver.-‘

—The Japanese version of your latest Korean song, ‘PIRI’, was received well in Japan as well. How do you feel about it?

Sua: It was unbelievable that we reached 8th place on the Oricon chart. It was the first time we got a top 10 spot. It made me realize how loved we were, and made me very happy.

Jiu: I’m glad that we were able to come back to Japan. I’m also very glad that we could deliver diverse songs, including the Japanese versions of PIRI, GOOD NIGHT, and Wonderland to Japanese audiences.


—What are the points worth noting in PIRI?

Yoohyeon: The addictive part within the chorus that goes ‘Pirireul Burora’.

Sua: There are dance parts that look like we’re playing the flute. Please pay attention to those parts.


—The synchronized dance where all of you move in unison was great to watch!

Gahyeon: It took about three days for me to get used to the choreography this time round.

Siyeon: The choreography was changed until 4 hours before the music video shoot, so the shoot was somewhat challenging. (Laugh)


—Who is the member that memorizes the choreography the fastest?

All: Sua-!

Siyeon: She’s in charge of all the details.

Sua: When we’re working towards the details, we first look at the overall formation, then move on to the angle of our hands, the position we stand, where we need to stand, and the like. Doing so lets the members firmly remember the choreography, and we can get it done quickly.

—What moment sticks out in your memory during the Korean promotions for PIRI?

Siyeon: I was glad that we were chosen as candidates for first place in the music program ‘Show Champion’, but the most memorable moment was when we sang our 2nd anniversary fan song ‘Over The Sky’ on ‘Music Bank’. We only finished memorizing the choreography 3 hours before the stage, so we were worried. But so many fans came to the recording, and I felt very happy. My chest felt like it was about to burst.


—We heard that you played with CLC during the wait times in music shows.

Jiu: We got along well. Playing games and the like together, we had a fun time.

Handong: Even outside of music shows, I often meet up with Elky. We eat good food together, take photos… Everyone in CLC is nice, so we get along nicely.

Gahyeon: I often chat with Ye-Eun who I became friends with in Idol Stars Athletic Championships. We send photos to each other, and are very friendly.


—If you had a ‘magic flute’, when would you use it?

Jiu: When I’m hungry. (Laugh) Food appears right in front of me when I play the flute.(Laugh) It’d also be great if I could play the flute when all of our schedules are over and find myself washed and lying on my bed.

Dami: Once I play the flute, everyone ends up liking us, that kind of magic. (Laugh)

Yoohyeon: I’d like a flute that I could play when I’m tired or when I want to relax and stop time.

Handong: I want to teleport~!

Sua: I also want the Anywhere door from Doraemon. We often go touring overseas, so it’d be great if I could open a door and be in Japan, or something like that.

Gahyeon: I also want the Anywhere door. I want to reduce the time we spend on the road and use that time doing something productive, resting, or doing something meaningful.

Siyeon: I’m the same. When we’re done working and want to get back home quickly, I want to teleport.


—How do you spend your time in the car when you’re on the road?

Jiu: Sleeping or listening to music.

Siyeon: I listen to music, and sing when I feel like singing.

Gahyeon: Siyeon can get excited really suddenly. (Laugh)


—You held shows for your Asia tour in Tokyo and Kobe.

Yoohyeon: There are songs that we haven’t performed yet, so I want to be hold lots of special performances in Japan in the future as well.

Emergency! Trying to solve the gesture quiz!

In view of the word ’emergency’ within the lyrics of PIRI, we had the members quiz each other about their critical moments with gestures. Can the members answer the quiz?

All: We’ll do it!

Round 1 Jiu

Jiu: What do I do?!

‘Something’ discomforting appeared~

Jiu covers her mouth and pretends to run away in a hurry. Sua answers ‘a cockroach!’, but Jiu tells her to be ‘a bit more accurate’. Dami correctly answers, going ‘A house centipede appeared in the practice room!’ Jiu and Dami give each other the thumbs up and smile.

Jiu: Dami, correct!


Round 2 Yoohyeon

She turns her back in embarrassment…

Yoohyeon indicates she has a backpack and walks. Sua goes ‘you forgot to bring your passport out to the airport’. Dami also says ‘You left your passport on the plane’, getting a more detailed and correct answer. Yoohyeon seemed to be embarrassed, turning to the wall and laughing.

Yoohyeon: I’m embarrassed…


Round 3 Siyeon

It’s something that happened at a concert

Siyeon: I fell…

Siyeon gestures crossing two large flags as she lowers them. Gahyeon shouts ‘Ah-!!!’ and answers ‘at Dream Concert, it rained so the stage got slippery!’ Siyeon says ‘Exactly.’

Gahyeon says ‘We know each other too well~’.

Round 4 Sua

After sleeping… She kicks someone for some reason?

After a sleeping pose, Sua indicates that she suddenly kicked someone and got surprised. Gahyeon immediately says ‘You had a nightmare!’ Almost immediately, JIU and Siyeon also go ‘You had a nightmare and kicked Yoohyeon in the leg (Laugh)’, getting a quick correct answer.

Jiu & Siyeon: It’s Yoohyeon’s leg, isn’t it (laugh)


Round 5 Gahyeon

I really want to do it after I wake up!

Gahyeon: Sound asleep…

After opening her eyes, Gahyeon puts on a surprised expression. Sua answers ‘Sleepwalking! You woke up to find yourself sleeping in the corridor!’ but it’s X. After the hint that it’s ‘something that I say often on the car’, Siyeon correctly answers that ‘You woke up hungry, but nothing was ordered’.

All: You do say it often~


Round 6 Dami

One day, Dami got caught by a monster…?

Dami indicates that she has earphones in, and then seems to be bothered by something around her face. Sua jokes ‘I got it! You were listening to music at Hangang river and got caught by a monster!’, making everyone burst out laughing. Siyeon says ‘during the Fly High promotions, your mic got broken’, excellently getting the correct answer.

Siyeon: The mic broke!


Round 7 Handong

Handong: Huh?

I didn’t realize it at all but…

Handong sees something on her hand, and opens her mouth wide in a surprised expression. Sua goes ‘you turned the switch on the lightstick and found your hand bleeding’, giving the correct answer. The other members also went ‘ah~’ and nodded, remembering the situation.


All: We answered all of them~

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