18 Fev 2020 Genie Interview “Dreamcatcher presents a new world in [Dystopia: The Tree of Language]”


Dreamcatcher’s new world, ‘Dystopia’ opens its doors.

Dreamcatcher’s first studio album ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ is an album that depicts a new world after the conclusion of the ‘Nightmare’ epic that they continued since their debut.

Dreamcatcher’s unique fantasy story continues in this new world as well. ‘Dystopia’ means an ‘anti-eutopia’. As one can guess from the title, the album incorporates a world darkened by language scarred with wounds along with a unique Dreamcatcher story.

‘The Tree of Language’, the first installment of ‘Dystopia’, will reveal hints about the vast story Dreamcatcher will tell. The sharp message Dreamcatcher tries to convey is hidden in the tangled web of association between the mysterious tree, the elderly person, the girl, the mask and the Dreamcatcher members.

Messages that Dreamcatcher conveys aren’t limited to fantasy. It reflects the painful, difficult reality we live in. In other words, the ‘Dystopia’ Dreamcatcher created is a mirror that leads us to reflect upon our own world once more.

Dreamcatcher has come to us again with a new world. Their story starts again, now.


INTERVIEW Dreamcatcher 1st full album release interview


Q1. Please greet everyone in the Genie Music family.

Dreamcatcher: Dream of me! Hello, we are Dreamcatcher. We are Dreamcatcher who will make everyone scream with our title song ‘Scream’.


Q2. How does it feel to be coming back with your first full album?

JiU: There was a lot of anticipation for our first full album, and we also felt really good while preparing this album, thinking of the many songs we can give to our Insomnias to listen to.

Sua: Because this was our first studio album, there was a lot we wanted to show and give a listen to everyone. So, the members participated in a lot of ways. Please give us a lot of love as Dreamcatcher’s new story starts!

Siyeon: I’m so nervous because it is our first album and I am also really looking forward to the response. Since we came back with cool songs and choreography which we devoted ourselves to, please give it lots of love.

Yoohyeon: First of all, it’s a somewhat different feeling song from our previous songs so it was really fun while we were preparing, and we really want to show it to everyone.

Dami: We took a longer time than usual preparing to show our new concept, various genres, and image transformation so I hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

Gahyeon: I was so nervous. I’m really looking forward to what people think of all the new songs we can show. I really hope our Insomnias like it.


Q3. Your first studio album’s title is [Dystopia: The Tree of Language]. What does it mean?

Siyeon: We concluded the ‘Nightmare’ story we ran with since our debut and are getting a fresh start with Dystopia. Clap clap clap! This album is the first installment of Dystopia, and conveys our message through the tangled web of association between all the characters in the music video. There’s going to be lots of parts that you can relate to. Please remember the various hints in it.

Dami: As you can guess from the title, we incorporated a world darkened by language scarred with wounds along with a unique Dreamcatcher story.


Q4. Please give some explanation about title track ‘Scream’

Sua: It’s rock, Dreamcatcher’s musical signature, but this time we also mixed electronica sounds. You’ll be able to see a new side of Dreamcatcher. The furious choreography accompanying the strong beats in the chorus is memorable. As such, it’s a thrilling song to listen to while watching the dance. Our performance is even more intense.

JiU: This is the first time we got dancers on stage with us since our debut. I think we’ll be able to show you a cool, grand performance that tells a story.

Dami: The story is inspired by middle age witch hunts, and the point of note is the scream right before the chorus. In the choreography, the point of note is the part where we depict the devil with our hands in the chorus, matching the lyrics.


Q5. The MV for Scream is very grand looking. Were there any memorable stories from the MV recording ?

Jiu: We had a lot of trouble because of a part we filmed while blowing sand around. After Siyeon finished her solo lip-sync recording, I looked at her face and her eyelashes were gray. It was shocking and memorable.

Siyeon: When I was recording my lip-sync part, we used an industrial fan to blow sand around, so my hair and eyelashes turned gray. They were so pretty. But the resulting footage was even prettier. It was a bit challenging but I’m satisfied.

Sua: That’s right. It was tiring during the recording, but when we monitored the footage the atmosphere was so good we worked even harder on the recording.

Dami: When we were filming the group dance scene with the dancers, there was a part filmed with a Jimmy Jib camera from above. The formation and the choreography both were so well coordinated that we all cried out.

Yoohyeon: There’s a lot of CG effects in the MV, so it was very awkward when I shot the scene with an arrow flying towards me on the chroma-key set.

Gahyeon: I also had to reach into the air and act surprised. That was fun.


Q6. Since there are 4 versions of this album, you must have taken lots of jacket photos. Are there any memorable stories from the photoshoot?

JiU: The Jacket photoshoot was in America, and there wasn’t a place for us to buy food nearby. Really, nothing was there. So we were starving until the writer ordered pizza for us. Maybe it was because it was after we had a photoshoot out in the cold, but it was seriously delicious.

Sua: The jacket photoshoots happened when we were on tour in the US, as well as in a separate MV set and a studio. As there are more versions, this feels like the most diverse set of jacket pictures we’ve had so far. So it’s fun to look at the various photos.

Dami: The E version, which was released first, was the first to be shot. I got hair extensions for that shoot, and I couldn’t get used to it because it was the first time I had long hair in 3 years. I couldn’t remember how to comb it, and it felt awkward. But the resulting photos were good, so I’m satisfied.

Q7. As this is a full album, there are a lot of B-side tracks listed. What are your favorites?

JiU: For me it’s ‘Red Sun’! Ever since first hearing the song, I thought it fits Dreamcatcher well. It’s spooky somehow, so it fits us so well, doesn’t it?

Sua: I have a definite type I like. My favorite is ‘Jazz Bar’! It’s dream-like and feels like a minority taste song. I think it’s the track I listened to the most after the recording.

Siyeon: I really really can’t choose, but if I had to choose one, I’d pick ‘Black or White’! It felt good ever since the first time I listened to it, and it’s a song I really want to perform on stage some day.

Yoohyeon: My favorite is “Early Morning(새벽)” ! I participated in the chorus making, and thought an ‘okay’ would fit well with Gahyeon’s part and spoke up about it. They actively took our input, so it felt great.

Dami: I like ‘Jazz Bar’. It was meaningful since it was the first time I sang the bridge part. Also, the members and the composers complimented me saying I did a good job, so I’m proud of this song.

Gahyeon: Mine is ‘Tension’. Though the recording was personally tiring, the end result came out nicely so I love it even more.


Q8. We are looking forward to Dreamcatcher’s 1st studio album promotions. Please tell us your mindset approaching this promotion, and say goodbye to the readers.

JiU: I’m sure this comeback will be an exciting promotion too! We’ll work hard so that you always look forward to our performances! Also, we are always grateful to our InSomnia~ We are in your care for this promotion as well.

Sua: I’m always excited for each comeback, but this time I felt anxious to show it to everyone, and I’m looking forward to it a lot. Everyone’s been telling us that they have a good feeling about it, and we want to start our first comeback of 2020 in a cool way. Please look forward to the promotion a lot, and listen to Dreamcatcher’s trusty music lots!

Siyeon: We prepared a lot since this is our first full album, and the output is also so good, so please show a lot of interest! Stay healthy, and we hope to continue to see you often during this comeback! Fighting!

Yoohyeon: We’ll work hard so that this comeback can be a memorable one for you.

Dami: We are back with a new image, and a lot of new tracks. Please listen to each track and watch our Scream performance as well! Stay healthy!

Gahyeon: We prepared a lot since this is our first full album, and to give everyone a good showing, so please enjoy what we did!! I hope we can make good memories from this promotion too. Fighting!


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