16 September 2020 Newsis: Idol Live, Dreamcatcher’s first reveal, ‘Ontact Fan Verification Center’

Starting from the 22nd, every Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM, only on the Idol Live app

On the 16th, it was announced by LG Uplus and Genie Music that seven-member girl group Dreamcatcher would be the first cast of Idol Live’s original variety program, ‘Ontact Fan Verification Center’, where fans’ wishes will come true.

‘Ontact Verification Center’ aims to allow celebrities, who usually are on the side of receiving gifts, to flip the switch and express their thankful feelings through giving gifts to their fans. It goes with the motto, ‘My fans will be taken care of by me’ (내 팬은 내가 챙긴다), shortened to “My fans are mine” (내팬내챙).

In addition, a ‘fan verification test’ will be conducted online in advance, and the idols will solve problems directly related to their fans based on the results of the test. There will be an online, ‘untact’ (no contact) fanmeeting, where they’ll be able to solve the problems and surprise their fans with gifts. 

The first to be featured on ‘Ontact Fan Verification Center’ is Dreamcatcher, who has wrapped up a successful comeback with their 5th mini album, “Dystopia : Lose Myself”. Through ‘Ontact Fan Verification Center’, they will answer questions about their fandom, InSomnia (or Somnias). Shouting the answers with no hesitation to one another, they will be able to call their fans in real time and express a new type of affection as they see their fans’ excited faces. 

Dreamcatcher’s ‘Ontact Fan Verification Center’ will consist of 4 main episodes. It will be available for free exclusively on Idol Live starting from the 22nd, every Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM.

Idol Live is not only available for LG Uplus customers, but also through third party app stores such as the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, Once Store, etc. for free. Customers who use UHD or UHD3 cable boxes will be able to view on a bigger and more vivid screen through IPTV’s “U+tv Idol Live” service. 

Along with the “My fans are mine” (내팬내챙) project, there are many events for fans being conducted. On the Idol Live app’s event menu, fans are able to apply through ‘Ontact Fan Verification Center’ for Dreamcatcher’s episodes’ events such as Somnias’ caricature drawn personally by Dreamcatcher, a handwritten birthday card, a chance for a video call, a photo taken with the desired pose, etc. 

LG Uplus’s music service team leader, Lee Jungwoo, said, “We at Idol Live wanted to make various original content, and in order to repay the fans’ love, we worked with Genie Music to create a variety program that has the concept of “flipping the switch”. We hope to have many viewers as a content belonging to fans, produced by fans, and for fans.



[Reporter Lee Jaeeun]
Translation by 7-Dreamers jiulily
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