14 Sept 2020 Dreamcatcher Handong, the idol’s “Special Content” has surpassed 36Million views

Dreamcatcher’s Handong captivated China with her new charm.


Dreamcatcher’s member Handong appeared in a Chinese boy group ONER’s new album “ONER-STRUCK恶浪” micro film that was released on the afternoon of 14th as the heroine in “Watch Me” by member Ling Chao(灵超) and stole fans heart.


Handong met viewers through her natural acting as well as her beautiful appearance. In particular, it depicts a deep emotional line of visual beauty like a thriller movie, and it is catching the eyes of fans around the world beyond China with new charms that has not been shown in Dreamcatcher.


In particular, the ‘ONER-STRUCK恶浪’ microfilm, which Handong added specialty, is receiving hot attention, not only surpassing 36 million views in 24 hours of its release in Weibo, China, but also recording 430,000 likes and 820,000 retweets.


According to Dreamcatcher Company, Handong will wrap up her schedule in China and return to Korea soon to join Dreamcatcher. As a result, expectations for the future of the “complete Dreamcatcher” are expected to rise higher. 


Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher recently completed their promotion for the fifth mini-album “Dystopia: Lose Myself”. Even after their promotion, they are communicating with InSomnia around the world through various online contents and online fan signing events.



[Reporter Reporter Lee Seol /slee_star@fnnews.com]
Translation by 7-Dreamers Adri
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