16 March 2020 Naver: Dreamcatcher, to enter ‘Black Or White’ as a follow-up song.

[MyDaily = Reporter Lee Seung-rok] Girl group Dreamcatcher will once again interact with their fans with ‘Black Or White’.


According to Dreamcatcher’s agency, Dreamcatcher Company, on this 17th, Dreamcatcher will make an appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’, which airs on this 20th afternoon, for the first time with ‘Black Or White’, a song from their first full album ‘Dystopia: The Tree Of Language’.


Dreamcatcher, who had previously met their fans with ‘Scream’, the title track from their first full album. Starting with ‘Music Bank’, they will start a follow-up activity with ‘Black Or White’ while engaging in special communication with ‘inSomnia’.


Dreamcatcher’s ‘Black Or White’ is an attractive medium-tempo pop number that features a rhythmical bassline in the chorus and is attractive for vocoder sounds in the latter half of the song. The song is about criticism towards the black-and-white logic that is rampant in this world.


The unique charm of Dreamcatcher’s ‘Black Or White’ can also be felt. Not to mention their unique, intense dance performance, they are determined to show their perfect chemistry and thrill unique to Dreamcatcher on stage. Especially at ‘Music Bank’, where they will take a first step in as a follow-up activity, the fans are waiting for their unpredictable twist of a performance.


“‘Black Or White’’s follow-up activity is a gift for ‘inSomnia’ who has given passionate support towards Dreamcatcher’s new album,” Dreamcatcher Company said, ”We hope for your anticipation and attention towards Dreamcatcher’s new performance.”


[Photo = Dreamcatcher Company]


(Reporter Lee Seung-rok roku@mydaily.co.kr)

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