15 Jan 2020 “Raising the 2nd Curtain with Dreamcatcher’s 3rd Single “Endless Night””



Dreamcatcher will release their 3rd Japanese single “Endless Night” on March 11th (Wednesday).

This single takes place after the conclusion of their nightmare story which ended during their last album “The Beginning Of The End”. The track was composed and arranged by guitarist Kuboty. The start of this 2nd chapter also shows Dreamcatcher’s feeling and passion. This original Japanese track features an even more intense rock sound and catchy chorus. The drums were played by coldrain’s Katsuma, making this track’s sound and groove more powerful than before.

And the coupling tracks include “Over The Sky”, which is a fan song celebrating the 2nd anniversary of their Korean debut. And the regular edition of the single also includes the Japanese version of “Silent Night” from their latest Korean album.

This time DREAMCATCHER JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB “InSomnia Japan” members will be able to purchase all 3 versions of “Endless Night” in a set.

The fanclub 3-CD set will include 2 Polaroid selca photos (Random/12-total). They will also be entered into a lottery to attend a special “Member Fansign + Photo Time” Event, which will take place on March 13th (Friday) in Tokyo and March 15th (Sunday) in Osaka. Only 30 lucky fans will be able to attend each event.

They will also be holding a special commemoration event for the release of their 3rd single “Endless Night”. There’s no end to Dreamcatcher’s activities in 2020!


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■ Kuboty Comment: The theme of this song’s composition is to fight and win against difficulties. It’s about continuing on and not losing yourself by believing in the path you’re following. This message resonates with me because I was in a band for 15 years and left to have a new start and pursue my dreams as a musician on my own. This is DREAMCATCHER’s new song, but it also overlaps with my own feelings and that’s how it came out being such a powerful track. Also my good friend is coldrain’s drummer Katsuma and thanks to him we were able to really bring out the sound and groove. I would be happy if a lot of people listen to this song.


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Dreamcatcher 3rd Single “Endless Night”
Release Date: March 11th 2020 (Wednesday)

■ First Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)
[Stock #/Price] PCCA.04938/1900 yen
[CD] 1. Endless Night 2. Over The Sky –Japanese ver.-
[DVD] “Endless Night” Music Video & Behind-The-Scenes Making Video
[Enclosed] Event Participation Ticket

■ First Press Limited Edition B (CD+DVD)
[Stock #/Price] PCCA.04939/1900 yen
[CD] 1. Endless Night 2. Over The Sky –Japanese ver.-
[DVD] “The Beginning Of The End” SHOWCASE Behind-The-Scenes Making Video
[Enclosed] Event Participation Ticket

■ Regular Edition (CD Only)
[Stock #/Price] PCCA.04940/1300 yen
[CD] 1. Endless Night 2. Over The Sky –Japanese ver.- 3. Silent Night –Japanese ver.-
[Enclosed Gift (First Press Only): 1 random trading card (Out of 7 possible) / Event Participation Ticket]

■ Fan Club Limited: 3rd Single “Endless Night” 3-piece set (Fan Club only special gift & Event lottery ticket)
[Stock #/Price] QVSETA.104/5100 yen
[Contents] 3rd Single “Endless Night” First Press Limited Edition A + First Press Limited Edition B + Regular Edition 3-piece set
[FC Limited Special Gift] 2 Polaroid selcas (Random out of 12 possible)
[Special Event] Lottery where 30 names pulled for special <Member Fansign + Photo Time> event to be held on March 13th (Friday) in Tokyo and March 15th (Sunday) in Osaka.
[Reservation Period] January 15, 2020 (Wednesday) 18:00 ~ February 2, 2020 (Sunday) 23:59
· Details on how to purchase the Fan Club Limited Set can be found at the above URL
· Please be aware that the 3-piece set (FC Limited goods included) will NOT include the event participation ticket that is included in the CDs when purchased separately.

<3rd Single “Endless Night” Commemoration Event Details>
March 12 (Thursday) – Place in Tokyo
March 14 (Saturday) – Place in Tokyo
March 15 (Sunday) – Place in Kansai Region
※ Event details& How to participate will be announced at a later date
※ The 3rd Single “Endless Night” will include tickets to this event.

※ Due to scheduling conflict, Handong will not be participating in any of the commemoration performances or events. Please be aware of this in advance.

■ Special Goods if you purchase at certain stores:
Tower Records: Endless Night unedited photo TOWER RECORDS version
HMV: Endless Night unedited photo HMV version
Support Shops: Endless Night unedited photo support shops version
※ Other shops may have special goods as well and we will announce those in the future.
Amazon: Large album jacket photo (24cm x 24cm)

source: barks.jp

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