12 Jun 2020 “Dreamcatcher to hold an online concert in July… Meeting global Insomnia”

[Xport News Reporter Lee Duk-haeng]

Group Dreamcatcher will have a special get together with InSomnia around the world in an online streaming concert. 

According to Dreamcatcher Company,  Dreamcatcher will hold their first solo online concert “DREAMCATCHER CONCERT GLOBAL STREAMING INTO THE NIGHT & DYSTOPIA” using the MyMusicTaste platform at 11:59 p.m. (Korea time) on July 4.

Through this concert, you will be able to see the hit songs of the “Nightmare” series and the first full-length album “Dystopia: The Tree of Language” released this year, as well as various performances prepared by Dreamcatcher.

Especially with the Corona 19 situation, which requires maintaining social distance, it will be a more valuable opportunity for both domestic and overseas fans to enjoy Dreamcatcher’s music and energy in their respective comfortable spaces.

Dreamcatcher Company said, “We haven’t had a chance to meet Insomnia around the world recently because of the pandemic caused by Corona 19,” and added, “We hope through this online streaming concert we can share our regards, soothe our regrets and create new memories.”

Dreamcatcher has been loved for its unique worldview and unique metal rock sound since its debut. They have built a unique presence as global K-POP stars by having four world tours. Especially in February, they released their first full-length album, “Dystopia: The Tree of Language,” which opened the door to a new world.

Currently, Dreamcatcher is stepping up preparations for their comeback as well as the online solo concert. They are busy as they are aiming for a summer comeback, and will soon present a new story to “Insomnia” around the world.

dh.lee@xportsnews.com / Photo = Dreamcatcher Company




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