09 Nov 2020 Slist.kr Dreamcatcher, Opens Weverse community today (9th)…Will be holding a hashtag event

Dreamcatcher has joined hands with Weverse, a global fan community platform.

According to Dreamcatcher Company, Dreamcatcher will open a community on Weverse at noon on the 9th (Korean time) to communicate with ‘InSomnia’ around the world.

Dreamcatcher, which debuted in 2017 based on a special view of the world, are artists that attracts the attention of K-pop fans around the world with its unique musical style and performance. Starting with the fantasy story of “Seven Nightmares,” Dreamcatcher is presenting experimental and unique music with a special narrative, including the recent release of the “Dystopia” series album.

Dreamcatcher joined Weverse to broaden their contacts with their official fan club ‘InSomnia’ and to communicate more closely with fans around the world. Weverse will release a welcome video of Dreamcatcher’s welcoming message to fans around the world in time for Dreamcatcher’s community opening.

They will also hold a hashtag event to commemorate the opening of Dreamcatcher’s community until the 17th. Those who wish to participate in the event can post your individual thoughts on what Dreamcatcher’s charm are with the event hashtag (#InSomnia_World). Among the event participants, 17 selected through a lottery will be gifted with the first limited-edition S-version of Dreamcatcher’s fifth mini-album “Dystopia: Lost Myself” and one random polaroid photo with Dreamcatcher’s member.

Dreamcatcher’s Weverse provides various functions so that artists and fans can share messages and communicate with each other in real time. All of the contents posted on Weverse are automatically translated into 10 languages, including Korean, English, Chinese and Spanish, allowing Dreamcatcher and InSomnia around the world to interact more easily, comfortably and share the fun.

Dreamcatcher successfully finished their second online solo concert “DYSTOPIA: SEVEN SPIRITS” on the night of the 7th. In particular, it drew attention because 12,000 fans from about 120 countries attended the concert.

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