08 Nov 2020 xsportnews “Dreamcatcher wraps up solo concert amid passionate cheers from 12000 fans from 120 countries”

The group Dreamcatcher heated the hearts of InSomnia all over the world.

Dreamcatcher Company announced that on 10 PM, November 7th (KST), the group held a solo online concert ‘DYSTOPIA: SEVEN SPIRITS’ on the MyMusicTaste platform. They created new memories with approximately 12000 fans in 120 countries.

From the beginning, Dreamcatcher’s performance was explosive. The live band session, something fans had long wished for, and the appearance of Dreamcatcher’s full team with Handong’s return were enough to make InSomnias all over the world cheer. Even though it was an online concert, the torrent of hearts and comments made clear the love that fans all over the world had for Dreamcatcher.

After opening the show with ‘BOCA’ and ‘Break The Wall’, Dreamcatcher relayed their hopes to the fans: “We are sincerely thankful for this chance to meet the InSomnias after such a long time. We’ll have fun performing the stages we did our best to prepare in front of you, so please enjoy them.”

Utilizing the live band session, specially rearranged songs followed. From a medium tempo rearrangement of ‘Fly High’, to the groovy and rhythmical ‘And Then There Were None’ and ‘Jazz Bar’, and onto a medley of ‘What’, ‘Good Night’, and ‘Chase Me’, the energy of the show continued to grow.

Chances to get to know the members individually were also present. The costumes Dreamcatcher wore in recognition of the recent Halloween as the members performed diverse solo stages drew especially passionate responses from the fans. Handong, performing first, chose AKMU’s ‘How Can I Love The Heartbreak’, showing off her sentimental vocals. Yoohyeon and JiU chose Taylor Swift’s ’22’ and IU’s ‘BBIBBI’, showcasing their cute side. Gahyeon and Siyeon chose Gain’s ‘Bloom’ and ‘Paradise Lost’, highlighting their sexyness. Dami and Sua chose Rain’s ‘Rainism’ and Hwasa’s ‘Maria’, flaunting their unique charms.

After the respite of the solo performances, the concert headed towards the climax as Dreamcatcher performed ‘Scream’, accompanied by dancers, ‘Sahara’, ‘Deja Vu’, ‘Red Sun’, and ‘Black Or White’, numbers with explosive band sounds. They chose ‘Emotion’ as the last track, expressing their deep love towards the InSomnias.

The fans were still hungry for more even after the planned 2 hours had passed. The chat was filled with calls for an encore, and Dreamcatcher responded by returning to the stage to perform ‘Can’t get you out of my mind’, ‘Tension’, and ‘Mayday’, closing out an exciting winter night’s festival.

After the show, Dreamcatcher shared their feelings, saying “Dreamcatcher will continue to do our best, remembering the love sent our way by the InSomnias all over the world and our memories with them. Please stay tuned and be excited for Dreamcatcher’s next story.”

Dreamcatcher’s work does not stop here. They plan to complete the ‘Dystopia’ storyline after ‘Scream’ and ‘BOCA’. In addition to working on their next album, they plan to communicate actively with the InSomnias through various channels.

tvX Reporter Lee Jungbum leejb@xportsnews.com / Photo courtesy of = Dreamcatcher Company

Translation by 7-Dreamers Hojoon
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