[TUTORIAL] How to stream a song in Naver app

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This is the screenshots for “Chase me” but do the same with “Goodnight" 

  1.  Search for dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)
  2.  Select the song 
  3.  Tap blue circle to play 

Alternative: you can also click on ‘artist’, go to dreamcatcher’s page, select the album and song from there


3. Give the song a heart
4. Press this to go to list of songs you have played 

Make sure only the title track is on there

To delete other songs from the playlist: 

  • press "edit”, 
  • select the songs
  • press “delete”. 

There are only 80 (or 120) streams, so make sure only the title song is on that list so you don’t lose streams on other songs.

What you should know: 

  • only stream the song ONCE PER HOUR. No matter how many times you repeat, it will only be counted once per hour so don’t waste streams
  • don’t mute or pause the song, play it in full without interruptions for it to count.

How to check how many streams you have left: 

From home screen, choose the “my” tab 

Scroll all the way down. 

  1. Streaming pass and the number of streams you have 
  2. Left date when your pass will expire (valid for 1month) 
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