SuA Fancafe Update

Hello! Hehe, it’s SuA!

Today we did our first Live through the V App, but we started with tension our first time.

Because we communicated with you guys, we spent a more and more fun and comfortable time~!

Even so, we couldn’t multitask, so I felt like there were a lot of things we couldn’t do.. Kekekeke, hah

It was our first time, so we were silly. And we were checking the comments, but there couldn’t be a lot of smooth communication

But next time I hope we will be able to communicate a little more, and I wish it could be that kind of time!! Hehe

There was no time limit but one hour passed sharply, so after we ended it, we couldn’t believe it, kekekekekeke
And our debut day is appraching closer and closer!! I’m shaking
I’m shaking the most, I’m really shaking, I’m going crazy
And please wait for the members’ teasers that haven’t been released yet~
Each is a photo containing a nightmare, so closely look for which dreams they are!!
I will be able to see you next time with a little more exciting and fun appearance. I will wait with a joyful heart~
아!! 그리구 크리스마스가 내일 모레인데 같이보내고 싶었던 날이라 아쉽지만 Ah!! And Christmas is the day after tomorrow, and it’s a day I want to spend together, so it’s a shame. But I hope our fans have a warm Christmas!! Don’t worry about us~ We are practicing hard so we will not be lonely.
Ah, not being able to see the fans is loney
I am still watching our V App video from today, kekeke. Because it’s our first 1 hour video.
The fans who couldn’t see it, have fun watching it if you can~!!
I will wait for you later, hehe

Trans: 7-Dreamers
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