[TRANS] OSEN – Dreamcatcher postpones comeback to May to increase album quality

‘Seven Nightmares’ Dreamcatcher is expected to make a comeback in May.

HappyFace Entertainment said on March 25 that they are coordinating the release of Dreamcatcher’s new album in May.

Originally scheduled for a comeback in March after the release of their special single ‘Full Moon’ dedicated to fans, the comback was delayed and the schedule was adjusted to meet with fans in May instead, in order to “increase the completeness of the album”.

Because of this, Dreamatcher said, “Firstly, we apologise sincerely that we could not keep our promise to our fans. We decided to put our best effort into our final piece of work, rather than hastily releasing new music and possibly disappointing fans.”

Dreamcatcher received keen interest from everyone around the world during their first world tour, hence the decision to postpone the release until they are satisfied with the quality of the album.

Dreamcatcher pledge, ‘We will do our best to greet InSomnia with new music that is worth the wait and everyone can appreciate.”

Original Source: OSEN

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