[TRANS] Oh! Japan: Dreamcatcher, proper Japan debut coming this fall “Beautiful time”

image credit: OSEN

Girl group Dreamcatcher will properly debut in Japan this fall.
Japanese media [like] Sankei Sports and others reported on the 15th [of July]: “Seven member girl group Dreamcatcher, who held a concert in Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo on the 14th, have revealed their Japan debut this fall”.

Following the report, it was decided that Dreamcatcher would debut in fall under the record company Pony Canyon. Leader Jiu expressed her thoughts: “We will make it a time that is as beautiful as flowers”.

Dreamcatcher performed 15 songs, including “Lucky Strike”, which was the representative song, at that day’s concert.

Dreamcatcher debuted in September of 2014 as the girl group Minx, changed their name to “Dreamcatcher” in November 2016 and kept their stagnant promotions alive.

original article: OSEN

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