[TRANS] “Nightmare Second Story” Dreamcatcher’s Jiu, Handong, and Dami’s Teasers Released

The girl group Dreamcatcher’s JiU, Handong and Dami teaser’s photos were released. On the 28th, on Dreamcatcher’s official homepage and SNS page, HappyFace Entertainment published JiU, Handong and Dami’s teasers. With a field and a tree in the background, and each of their personalities overflowing, JiU, Handong and Dami strike intoxicating poses. You can sense the mood they’ve giving off and the twisted charm they’re flaunting through their charisma and their leather clothes. In the case, the three-person unit catches your eye. The image of Jiu, Handong and Dami holding hands and looking into the camera surely puts a certain meaning into it and curiosity about it is increasing. Now Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon and Yoohyeon are the starters for the member teaser pictures that being released. In the pictures, Dreamcatcher’s second story’s concept has melted and excitement is building. Dreamcatcher is coming on April 5th with their second single Nightmare – Fall asleep in the mirror and fans will find their side. Their showcase will be held on the afternoon of the release.

source: naver

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