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Dreamcatcher had an about 10 days long promotion for the first time in Japan and have concluded it safely and returned to Korea~!

Did you see yesterday’s surprise V LIVE where
we had a return celebration to Korea~?
Been a long time since we got greeted by seven dreamies~!


So from now
Lets reveal
first Japan promotions behind the scenes~!!

Who does this pretty back view belong to?!!!
No one other than Yoohyeon!

Leaving to Japan with an excited heart!

This is the location of Dreamcatcher first Japan promotion~!!!!!!!

Watching Dreamcatcher’s stage!

Taking a group selfie together!

Receiving signs at the fan sign event!

Personal selfie with the fans!

First Japan promotions
Started in Chiba then Tokyo and Hyogo, even in
Osaka fans also came to see Dreamcatcher

As the promotions gradually goes by
there are even more fans that came to support!

Together with Dreamcatcher, we would sincerely
like to thank you everyone that came to support!

During the promotion period you can’t
fall out the figures on stand by?!!






Last one
between Japan promotions
a brief precious holiday time!


So like this
Dreamcatcher’s first Japan promotions
is successfully completed.
In the future too
not just Japan but also Dreamcatcher Korea’s promotions
please watch over, and please support it greatly~
Thank you!

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