19 Feb 2020 Newsis Interview “Dreamcatcher “We came back to reality from fantasy” … ‘Dystopia’

‘Dystopia’ First Studio album released after three years and two months since debut

Dreamcatcher’s new world starts with this word. It summarizes their first studio album, released on the 18th, three years and two months after their debut.

A dystopia is a gloomy future where the most negative elements of modern society have been amplified. Dreamcatcher members who have been telling stories set in the ‘Nightmare’ series face yet another somber world right after escaping their long bout with darkness.

On the 17th, under a snowy, dystopian grey sky, Dreamcatcher member Yoohyeon met us at Cheongdam-dong. Wearing a pensive expression, she said “Our previous series was set in a fantasy world, so we tried something more realistic this time.”

Their lead track, ‘Scream’, was built using the ‘witch hunt’ as its motif, something that is not limited to the middle ages and continues to this day. It survives in the form of indiscriminate hate comments that inundate the web. “There are lots of cases where you get hurt from words. We wanted to talk about those social elements.” Yoohyeon said.

Today, a girl group being ‘neither sexy or pure’ is not even considered newsworthy as girl groups have become increasingly diverse. Dreamcatcher has spearheaded this trend since their debut.

As one can easily see from their team name, which comes from a native american charm, they threw normalcy to the winds, boasting a ‘dark’ concept accompanied by metal sounds.

Photo courtesy of Dreamcatcher Company

This time, they incorporate electronica sounds on top of a rock basis showcasing  a wider genre spectrum.

“We made it feel more familiar to the public by mixing in electronica elements into rock,” Sua explained. “We won’t abandon our characteristic rock sounds, but we’d like to keep experimenting with diverse sounds on top of rock,” she said. “I also want to try Jazz. Something that would be great for driving. Haha,” she added. JIU also added that “I’m also very interested in City Pop.”

Girl groups have been achieving much recently. Not only did girl-crush concepts become popular, girl group members who produce music themselves have also risen to prominence.

Dami agreed that “the horizon is much broader now for girl groups.” Siyeon also said “As I watch music shows, I see a lot of independent, proactive girl groups,” going on to say that “there weren’t that many teams like that when we debuted. I think it’s amazing.”

Dreamcatcher is one team that has continued to do tours overseas. They have toured South America, Europe, and more. Their venues have been increasing in size, and the venues for their most recent Europe tour have all been over 1000 seats. Gahyeon seemed content, stating that “We returned to the same venue as last time, but this time the stands were so full that they had to open the back doors.”

Dreamcatcher’s fan club is called InSomnia. The members said they wanted to tour in North Europe the most. In North Europe, where insomniacs are as common as their white nights, they have found an increasing fanbase, enough to christen it the “white night tour”.

Photo Courtesy of Dreamcatcher Company

But Dreamcatcher has had its fair share of difficulties. They started off as the girl group ‘Minx’, debuting in 2014. They added new members and relaunched to become the Dreamcatcher of today.

In the past, they have seen their ‘Mission Stage’, an Interpark-backed crowdfunding program where fans come together to hold a concert for singers, fail. They have also appeared on JTBC’s idol project, Mix9 to promote the team.

But the members are still positive, believing that these experiences helped shape them into who they are today. “Experience is important to people. It’s what makes people change their thoughts and open their minds.”

JiU, the leader who has continued to work hard for the team since Minx, has become more resolute in that time. “When we were starting off, we were busy chasing visible achievements. Now, our ideal is for more people to empathize with what we have to say.” “Rather than obsessing over anything, it’s best to keep doing our best on our own path. I feel more confident now, haha,” She says.

With Dreamcatcher, it feels like one can get through any sharp-edged, bizzare Dystopia. Beyond a ominous and covert wall, Dreamcatcher’s ritual now starts. It’s time to “Scream”!

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