[TRANS] Dreamcatcher, three reasons for focusing on foreign countries

‘Progress and completion of the nightmare’… Dreamcatcher, three reasons for focusing on foreign countries


In Dreamcatchers’ ‘strong nightmare’, they are focusing on the attention of overseas fans.


The release of Dreamcatchers’ fourth mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’ is being flooded with analysis by reporters from leading overseas news outlets, including Billboard. At the same time, music fans from all over the world even added reviews, which became the foundation for Dreamcatchers’ new mini album to reach the fifth place on the iTunes worldwide chart.


What they are focusing on the most is Dreamcatchers’ stylish concept, which incorporates unique storytelling. Since their debut, they have been telling a story that includes the world of the ‘seven nightmares’ in their main theme ‘nightmare’.


From that appearance on, Dreamcatchers’ attempt was fresh. Inside this simple concept, individual stories are unraveling, freeing one’s ears from other idols, which is because their story is continuously expanding with every album. Together with that, they explained the reason for the entrance of the ‘nightmares’ in their first mini album ‘Prequel’, adding special strength to the narrative.


Following the title of Dreamcatchers’ fourth mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’, it is the release that will conclude their ‘nightmare’ story, receiving unusual interest because of this fact. Beyond the weakness of not being able to escape from the ‘nightmare’, it fuses resistance spirit and the willingness to lean and rely on each other to overcome it. This is the message that Dreamcatcher want to express with ‘PIRI’.


Dreamcatchers’ attractiveness does not end with their story. The material in their story is expressed in the right way through their flashy performances. Dreamcatcher challenged themselves – successfully every time – with powerful group dances reminiscent of boy groups and various time difference point dances, as well as the braveness of breaking the prejudice ‘you can’t see line formations in girl groups’, etc., and are achieving high results.


Dreamcatcher comes to perfection through ear-catching metal rock sound in harmony with their very own unique color. They seized the opportunity to make the meeting of an idol girl group and metal rock consistent, this freshness, which plays a role in captivating foreign fans beyond Korea. Dreamcatchers’ new song ‘PIRI’ is also putting a strong metal rock sound on the base of various sounds, receiving positive feedback like ‘[PIRI] embodies Dreamcatchers’ musical evolution’.


During the last two years, Dreamcatcher already successfully finished two world tours, touring Europe, the Americas etc. For ‘The End of Nightmare’, their first step is Asia. After their comeback activities, starting from March 20th, they plan to meet InSomnia up close, touring Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore, Manila (Philippines), Japan and also Korea.


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