[TRANS] Dreamcatcher, Worldtour Taiwan Concert ‘Successfully finished’

Image Credit: HappyFace Entertainment

Group Dreamcatcher held their Worldtour “Welcome to the Dreamworld (WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD IN TAIPEI)” and communicated with fans yesterday evening (21th of June) in legacy (?) Taipei.

Dreamcatcher, who opened the door with the answer to “How the girls became nightmares”, explained in their first mini album “Prequel”’s title song “Fly High”, followed up with “Chase Me”, “GOOD NIGHT”, “YOU AND I” etc. For their various stages, they received cheers from the local fans.

Dreamcatcher prepared the song ‘五月天’ (Mayday) by S.H.E, which is famous in Taiwan, for their Taiwanese fans. Their singing with sweet voice colors attracted applause and cheering.

Dreamcatcher, who finished their concert, said “We could create special memories [together], thank you for that. We won’t be able to forget the love and emotions we received today and will continue to give our best in the future”.

Apart from Taiwan, Dreamcatcher is planning to open tour concerts in Japan as well as 5 south american countries.

Original Article: Naver

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