[TRANS] Dreamcatcher, chosen as sleep product advertisement models

Dreamcatcher, chosen as sleep product advertisement models


‘Seven nightmares’ Dreamcatcher are responsible for the sound sleep of InSomnia.

On the 4th of January, Happyface Entertainment revealed: “Dreamcatcher have been collaborating with Humott Medical that develop products related to sleep on the topic of deep sleep for a year.”

Through this collaboration, it was accomplished to combine Dreamcatcher’s image well with Humott Medical’s product concept. The product that Dreamcatcher will be promoting as models is the sleep inducer “Humott Dream” that is based on research from the University of Kyoto in Japan and will induce sleep while reducing stress and tension.

Dreamcatcher’s concept combines marvelously with that, especially in the fact that they will embody a high-tech ‘dreamcatcher’ technology that is said to help with having good dreams while catching nightmares.

Happyface Entertainment stated: “We anticipate the freshness that Dreamcatcher’s unique world combined with this collaboration’s product will result in.” and “Please look forward to Dreamcatcher’s various activities in the future and show a lot of interest.”

Dreamcatcher is a girl group with a new concept established through the combination of a strong metal rock sound with powerful group dances. Since their debut, they have gained a strong fandom in Korea and of course overseas while successfully finishing two world tours, making it in the role of K-POPs new energizer.


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original source: Korea Economy TV

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