[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Black Concept Photo Released… Twisted Charm of ‘7 Nightmares’

Through ‘7 Nightmares’ twisted appeal has been released. On their homepage, on the 22nd at midnight, DreamCatcher’s Nightmare second single version concept photos were released. Through the earlier white concept photos, DreamCatcher flaunted charm. In the first black concept photo, they released their strong pose and gaze, as well as their strange charisma. The DreamCatcher members, especially in the group photo, give more and more relevance to the unique Nightmare concept through their humorous (mocking?) gaze. After DreamCatcher’s comeback image came out the 17th, interest among the fans is getting hotter. in the case of the white concept photos, lots of fans’ access froze the site. HappyFace Entertaintment said, “In order to meet everyone’s expectation, we’re devoting our heart and soul” and, “The story and organic composition of the debut sigle have contents which are expected to be released step by step, so please give it lots of excitement and love”. The release of second DreamCatcher single is coming on April 5th and the fans are looking for it.

Source: Naver

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