[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Arbor Day Comeback Countdown Rush

DreamCatcher’s comeback countdown has begun. On DreamCatcher’s official SNS channel on the 24th midnight, the comeback single promotion schedule image was published. The name of their second dingle is ‘Nightmare – Fall asleep in the mirror’ and it will be released in April. The first album’s concept and storyline connect and DreamCatcher is determined to bring their mysterious charm to  the max. The earlier white and black versions’ concept photos were released as excitement raised for comeback DreamCatcher has ahead of them. You can guess the story from the teaser image, track list, and title. The trailer is expected to cause fans’ interests to skyrocket. In the comeback week as well, various things have been set up. One day before the single is released, the album preview and the music video teaser will come out, and on the day of the showcase, the comeback will be reported in full. HappyFace Entertainment disclose “If the original album is a prelude to the comeback single, DreamCatcher’s tangled stories are expected to honestly unfold” and, “We’re devoting our heart and soul to preparations so please give it lots of excitement, interest and love.” Meanwhile, the continuation of Dreamcatcher’s story will be released on April 5th at 6.00 pm and fans will meet as planned

Source: Naver

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