[TRANS] De Telegraaf – Dreamcatcher steals hearts in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM – Bright, cute and sexy. The seven-member girl group Dreamcatcher performed a special act on Wednesday evening at Melkweg in Amsterdam.

Dreamcatcher only debuted last year, but has already began their first international tour. Dressed in seductive school uniforms, they entered the stage in Amsterdam in bright smiles. Here, they did sophisticate dances in-sync, like what the K-Pop genre is known for.

It is in fact normal for K-Pop stars to train intensively for years. Because of this, they perform a particularly beautiful performance, with their dancing as well as with their acting, fan service and singing. From ballads that give you goosebumps to heavier songs with drums comparable with that from Arch Enemy; form their own original songs to covers from well-known English artists like P!nk and Maroon 5.

The girls were obviously having fun visiting Amsterdam, singing and dancing with their fans. They took the time during the intermission to introduce themselves and answer questions that the audience could send in beforehand. A translator then translated -not always accurately- it into English. Even though not everything was understandable, it was a rather funny experience to have a translator at a concert.

The excited seven ended the concert with four of their own songs and announced that their new album is coming in March.

De Telegraaf is the largest daily morning newspaper in the Netherlands. View the original article here.

Special thanks to @cafeseulie for the translation!

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