[TRANS] Article – Chase with a Nightmare Hunter! Dream Catcher Music Video On-Site Behind the Scenes

Dream Catcher, who told a story through seven nightmares and showed powerful music in a metal sound in January, are back with an authentic nightmare fantasy story!
In the last music video for Chase Me, Dream Catcher, made of seven nightmares, tortured a nightmare hunter with a prank. This time the chase with the nightmare hunter unfolds! Let’s meet the nightmares in the video who are on a chase to save the nightmares who have been caught after running from the nightmare hunter.
Dream Catcher’s ‘Nightmare · Fall Asleep in the mirror’
The new single ‘Nightmare · Fall Asleep in the mirror’, has an intro track and title like its predecessor, and it also consists of ballad numbers that reveal the inner purity of the members.
For the first track named ‘My Toys’, it opens the door with a unique knock sound and brilliant guitar solo. In the title song ‘Good Night’, the story of the nightmares unfolds brilliantly. The single’s flow is completed with the ballad ‘Lullaby’ containing a heart that hopes to not wake up from a dream. Especially in the intro to ‘Good Night’, the melted music box sounds familiar to fans. It was a double track used in the previous trailer and music video. To those who have noticed this, it’s a strange sensation, to those who haven’t, it makes it fun to review the previous works again. ‘Fall asleep in the mirror’. The nightmare of Dream Catcher who drench your pillowcase isn’t over yet.

A den decorated with old books and hunting trophies
This place that shows a lush forest set is the location of Dream Catcher’s ‘Good Night’ music video shoot!

The music video starts with Jiu’s lip sync scene!
When the camera turns on, a smiley smile,
When only the camera returns, the facial expressions change!
With her concentrated appearance, isn’t she a pro without ruin?

No, who is this!?
Dami who has transformed from a long ponytail to short hair!!!
From cuteness to 500% more awesomeness.

Dong who has become more king, god, elegance, luxury than last promotions!
Donggie is poised with ‘elegance’ for the music video!!!!

Ji-U, Handong, Dami (rescuing nightmares)’s lip sync scene has ended and it’s become an incantation scene!
Chasing the nightmares held by the magic of these three members, the nightmare hunter has become trapped in the mirror?
After a scene where the three members must be summed up, they look at each other and match their timing. The shooting took place in a friendly atmosphere.

Now SuA, Gahyeon (the nightmares trapped to the nightmare hunter)’s lip sync scene has started.
SuA who matches a white velvet one piece very well on this day!
The shoot progresses quickly with a fancy gesture and expression.

Gahyeon who is working hard during SuA’s lip sync scene!
Acting as a reflection in the mirror… but did you guys find out?
If you didn’t figure out out, we hope you’ll watch the music video again! (wink)

Gahyeonnie’s beauty is the real story?!!!
She’s still sitting down but pretty, cute beauty, boom boom, the one in the photo is Gahyeon!
You guys.. Gahyeonnie’s beauty.. it’s all…(I have no words) ㅇ<-<

SuA who is stuck in the hands of a terrifying tree and can’t escape!
But you can know you’re being held from the nightmare hunter!
Even though it’s just a look, it’s very creepy, right?
(I saw that the tree’s hand is wood, but it was very scary…)


Siyeon and Yoohyeon (the unit escaping from the priest) who have moved outdoors, their escape is underway!
The shoot took place at midnight, when there is no light and you can’t see in front of you!
Even between the cold weather and tangled branches, Siyeon and Yoohyeonnie demonstrated hard work.
Despite going up and down the mountain multiple times, they filmed without expressing difficulty.


The music video’s last scene is a formation scene!
On a rugged dirt floor

Dream Catcher who are filming earnestly even with choreography more powerful than Chase Me!
A lot x 1000 praise!!

Did you enjoy seeing Dream Catcher’s Good Night music video behind the scenes?
Finally, while releasing the Dream Catcher member’s behind the scenes cut of the filming, the post will end here!
Ah, definitely!
Don’t miss the music video making video and event below! (wink)

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