[TRANS] 171214 Daily Star Drawings

When we heard that there was a swimming pool at our hotel, SuA-unnie and I changed to our swimming suits. Though, we really cannot swim.?
I heard there was a swimming pool on the rooftop of our Brazil hotel, so I went up. The scenery was incredibly beautiful that it felt healing. It was so good that I kept recalling it.



During our performance in Brazil, our fans sang together with us. The sound was beautiful! I was so happy ❤
During the concert, the members were pouring water at each other and the fans. It was really fun ❤
I thought I lost my passport during our flight. I panicked, but I found it in our car later ❤
I received a balloon for the first time during our fansign. It was so big that I tied it to my chair. After the signing, I inhaled the helium. Nyeom ❤
We met many people who recognised us on the Brazilian streets! It’s fascinating ^^ We’ll work even harder to be more recognised. Until then, hwaiting!!

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