170730 (Article) “From now on, we can smile onstage”

Summer of 2017, contending with an intense metal sound, girl group Dreamcatcher has extended a big challenge in the music industry.
The 7 member girl group have attracted public attention since debut with their different colored nightmare concept. From their debut song ‘Chase Me’ and ‘Good Night’, and now to their first mini album Prequel’s title song ‘Fly High’, they are being known as a girl group that shows off a more metal-filled rhythm and rough sound. There is a reaction towards Dreamcatcher even from foreign countries. Their mini album climbed to the top of the US i-Tunes K-POP album charts and their title song ‘Fly High’ was crowned in the top 5 in the song chart.
Dreamcatcher, who debuted on January 13, 2017, are busier than anyone this year. Dreamcatcher, who already came back with their third album, held their first fan meeting on July 30th for their 200th day. “After having a break in the middle of the year, our team is steady, so it’s not difficult at all,” and, “Our first goal was to have an album trilogy, and it feels good and we’re not resting, we’re running, so it’s good,” Ji-U commented. SuA shared, “It’s our first summer promotions, and we are strong and our dance is vigorous, and I worry a little, but the anticipation is big.”
With smiles, they pointed out the biggest difference between ‘Fly High’ and other other two songs.  “The song resembles the appearances of the girls before becoming nightmares, so there are dual expressions and we can smile on stage,” Siyeon laughed. “When I heard it for the first time, it’s like an anime opening, and in the scenes go by like a kaleidoscope. It’s a bit different, so I was worried, but it’s a good song for us to show our charm enough with our synchronization,” Dami explained.
“Our expression is good on stage. We divide the two concepts, and they both exist on stage,” Yoohyeon informed. “Our lineup has a variety of expressions, and they connect with the lyrics. When you see the angle of the camera, it’s fun to find those things. And each time we change things on stage little by little, and it’s fun to find those things while comparing,” Dami also shared as tip.
Since debut, Dreamcatcher’s movie-like music videos always gather. “We shot the jacket in Taebaek and filmed the music video in France. The story of the youthful and pure girls catching a spider and inadvertently killing it, shows how we became cursed. We saw it and were surprised it’s like a horror movie. It’s epic,” SuA emphasized. “Our charm is storytelling, and when you know the music videos before this, you understand. And if not, you can watch the music video again,” Siyeon added.
Dreamcatcher came back with their own color, but competition with a lot of girl groups this summer is expected. “I think it’s good. I think a lot of girl group fans gather and will be exposed to our music naturally. There will be fans that will see the different color that we have, and they can become fans,” Yoohyeon said confidently. “When we do authentic music, music possessing sincerity, I think we will attract the public naturally,” Siyeon said, giving strength in her voice.

Source: Naver

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