[TRANS] 170406 Gahyeon’s Fancafe Update 

Hello!! Everyone!!! I’m back!! I’ve been missing you guys for weeks and I thought about you a lot ㅠ
Unnies! Oppas!! And our younger fans who hadn’t seen us,  how are you doing? I think I’ve been spending my days diligently preparing for the stage and came to the cafe to read lots of letters too, and diligently exercising ?? ㅎㅎ Oh! And I was excited to hear how you guys would react to the song! ㅎㅎ Now it hasn’t been long since our comeback but I have thoughts like, “Can we do well?“ more than "We can do well!” but you guys have been supportive up until now, so during these past two days my worries have almost disappeared!!! As expected, our fans are the best ?? Thank you. I love you ❤

We couldn’t see for a moment when this picture was taken (was the picture bright I didn’t know there was one :O)hehe>< ㅋㅋㅋ I promise to be together with you forever. I love you ??

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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