[TRANS] 170219 Gahyeon Fancafe Update –  Enjoyable Weekend!!!!?Yes!!!!!

Yes!!!!! It’s the weekend!! Kekeke, is everyone spending it well?? Right now I’m taking a rest!! ? Hehe, did you see our Inkigayo stage today?? How was it?? Kekeke, because I’m posting on a mobile phone, I don’t know if it will post like this, kekeke. Sleeping late after enjoying my colorful single life without friends and family for the rest of the holiday, kekeke. If you ask why, tomorrow is Monday, so it should come late!!!Heheheh, no matter what, even though you sleep late, will you fream of me!? Yeah’!!! Suddenly I want to eat spicy rice cakes, kekeke. How about you guys have some spicy rice cakes instead of me???? It will be delicious, hehe. It’s like that. Have rice cakes as a midnight snack!! Sleep late!! We will see each other again! Will I write another post??? Don’t be beside an outlet like me and sleep safely! Hehe, byeeeeee???

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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