[TRANS] 170215 Dami Fancafe Update – 2017.2.15. PM 3:33

Hello, it’s Dami!
Now I am
#Far East Movement – Umbrella (Feat Hyorin Of Sistar, Gill Ghang)
I’m writing this as I listen to this song, hehehe
I really like the lyrics, hehe. You guys please listen to it!!
The time is passing 3:30
Did you guys have a meal?????
I’m always talking but I tell you that you must take care of your meals!
In that sense, if you still haven’t eaten, please eat dumplings, hehehehe Because dumplings are love.
Yesterday we did a handshake
But I’m sorry my hands were so coldㅜㅜ
They weren’t cold just yesterday, they’re cold in general, so the fans were surprised instead..
But if I always use a hot pack by any means, I will be able to melt the fans’ hands, heet
And we uploaded an goodnight video on Instagram
But I didn’t upload my face, so when you listen to just my voice, there will be people who are confused, kekekekekekekeke
Every time I see that you’re wrong, it’s fun, hehehe
I am spilling a hint !!! When you hear an example, panda or One Piece, etc??
(Even the company staff couldn’t figure it out.. Kekekekekekekekekekeke)
I’m trying to finish writing this, so here’s a song that’s stuck in my head these days
#Jaurim – Twenty-five, Twenty-one
So when you can’t see us, don’t be sad
Have a delicious day!!!!!!!!!!!

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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