28 Jan 2017 Fancafe Jiu Update

Have a happy happy lunar new year!!!!!!! A very happy one!!!!

Hello, everyone, it’s Ji-U hehehe
Like the title, everyone, haaaaaapppyyyyy neewwwww yeeeeaaaaaar~~~ haaaappyyy new year^ㅇ^
Today we spent time practicing in the practice room
We want to show you a better side of us hehe
Did you all eat rice cake soup? Today, our company head brought us beef bibimbap and rice cake soup, kya~~ It was so tasty..♡
Our fans, I wonder if you ate good food… I’m so curious?
We haven’t seen everyone……Not for two days…………..
I want to see all our lovely fans’ faces so so badly..♡ I miss you all~~~♡
Our dreamies, do you miss me too?!?!!?!?
It’s not just one-sided, right?!?!!??!
Hehe, I’m so happy right now ㅠㅠ Really, I want this feeling to never end.
I’ll work really hard everyone!!♡ Please keep staying by our side!!
I too, will stay by all of you!! Ji-U will be here, hehe.
We’ll be together for a very, very, veeery long time~♡
Well, have a reeeeaaaalllllly nice and blessed lunar new yeaaaaaar!!!!!!! good n i ght i loooooove yo~~~~~~~~~u~~~~~~~~~~~♡

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